International Service Officer

The Club’s International Service Officer for 2020 – 2032 is Mary Pay, supported by Lesley Palmer hosting the Knit and Natter meetings.

Since joining the Inner Wheel club of Warsop in July 2017 I was made most welcome. Some members I knew from way back and others not so but the Friendship and Fellowship was so obvious, making it such a happy Club.
Having been a OSO (as we called it back then) in my Newark Club several times plus behind District Overseas Committee Chairman I felt that I really should fill the gap at the Warsop club ably being helped by Lesley who would be organising and storing all of the items for Baby bundles etc – I look forward to working alongside Lesley and to the next Knit and Natter afternoon whenever that may be !!
I realise that I have a hard act to follow as Sue has been such a wonderful International Club Organiser over the last three years but I will do my best ! If we continue to hold our meetings by zoom then I ask all members to squirrel away any items that you might have for Baby bundles etc until we can get them to Lesley.
Lastly may I wish all Club members a happy and successful year however it will turn out – remember we can all “Lead the Change” – ISO Mary

ISO Mary Pay

The ISO main duties will include:
– to keep the club up to date with the news from International news and events, making sure a report is presented to the club at each monthly meeting
– to co-ordinate the distribution of International Service goods and gifts
– to arrange, if appropriate International Service meetings, an inter club meeting or speaker on a relevant service topic.
– to encourage other club members to support other Clubs at International events.
– to encourage working party sessions for International Service
– to attend or send a proxy to the International Service meeting at the District Induction day/Assembly meeting
– to encourage as many members as possible to attend the District International Service Rally and to encourage your club to support overseas projects at all tiers of International Inner Wheel.

The International Service Support Officer, Lesley Palmer will facilitates four knit and natter sessions throughout the year to make up baby bundles, joy bags, sew, sort and bag, label miscellaneous items which are all then taken to the Nottinghamshire Police Aid Charity. Working with NPAC we know that everything we provide goes to those who actually need it most.

The blanket squares we use are knitted by ladies who volunteer to do so, and then the squares are sewn together by our members to make a blanket. They are then finished off by a crochet edging and used to hold the contents of a baby bundle.