It is suprising how many members join Inner Wheel and then never get to know more about the organisation that needed at club level. Sometimes, members don’t even get to know all they need to know at Club level. So we thought we would help with a few of the frequently asked questions.

There are some that are specific to Warsop, but mostly they are general Inner Wheel frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a burning desire to know something, please email our District Membership Officer, Gloria Humphrey using the contact form at the end of the FAQs. Please note any links you click will open in a separate tab.

What is Inner Wheel? This is the most frequently asked question and to give you the full answer, please follow the link to other pages on this website.

About Inner Wheel  or click here to find out about Warsop

What will it cost me? Each Club is different an costs vary. Warsop is currently £58.00 to join for a full year. If you are interested in joining please go to our contact and joining page and we will be able to call you and give you more helpful information.

What do I get when I join Inner Wheel? We have a saying ‘you get out what you put in’ and by that we don’t mean financial committment. As with any voluntary organisation people join us to be amongst like minded ladies, to meet new friends or widen their existing network.

At Warsop we pride ourselves in being a lively group of women, of all ages, interests and experiences. You will have the opportunity to hear interesting speakers at each meeting, to attend events organised by other clubs, or help out at events Warsop organise. To see the types of events we are running in 2019/20 with President Elaine, go to our events page.

For past events, look at our past president archive pages; there are currently three on here for Immediate Past President Ruth, and Past Presidents Helen and Gloria.


Do you support local charities? Yes absolutely we do. This, at least for Warsop, is the main aspect of our events programme.

Almost without exception, all our events will go to support the Club President’s chosen charity. We will also occassionally host an event to support the District Chairman’s chosen charity, or the Association President’s charity. All of which will be supporting GB&I based charities. Our club generally support the District and Association charities by attending events they have organised or by making a donation.

Why do we do so much international fundraising?   Each Club has a post holder ‘International Service Officer’ or ISO for short, which is a separate 3 year role to the President of the Club.

The ISO will fundraise for a tiered structure of International Charities. The President of International Inner Wheel will chose a theme to unit us all in our fundraising.

At an Association Level, the IS Committee Chairman (ISCC) will select an international fund-raising project and work in partnership with other international agencies to acheive fund-raising for the year. At District Level the ISCC will also pick a project or charity for everyone to support. At a Club level, the ISO will host events to support the above and arrange knit and natter events where we will make baby bundles; a tradition started by our Founder Margarette Golding.

Why do boards go around at meetings? When we say we have tried everything, we have. This is the best way to make you aware and to collect attendance numbers for events that are going ahead.

Make sure at Warsop meetings you see the boards. Ask for them if you have not had them. A short narrative of the event will be at the top, then a space for you to acknowledge whether or not you want to go. Also how much the event is and whether or not you have paid.

These are then used at our Committee Meetings to see how well the event has been taken by members.

What’s the Committee and what do they do? Good question. The Committee is a small group of volunteer members, who have been approved by the Club to discuss the different aspects of Inner Wheel and formulate a way forward or decision on your behalf.

Any decisions that impact the Club, discussions will be had, an agreed forward plan put in place and before being finalised, fed back to the Club at the following months meeting. Where the decisions are smaller, simpler or unanimous (we call them no brainers), the decisions will be made at the Committee meeting and members informed at the following club meeting.

The Committee meet on the last Wednesday of the month usually at one of the members houses. Meetings last approximatly 2 hours and each aspect of the club is represented:

President, secretary, treasurery, event (ours and external), correspondance and promotions, International. We try to limite AOB, but there is always something good to share.

How big is Inner Wheel? Warsop has 42 members.  From those early days in Manchester 1924 when we started, there are now currently 580 clubs in Great Britain & Ireland, divided into 29 Districts and with approximately 15,500 members.

For more information on the International side of Iner Wheel take a look at their website.

What do you do at your meetings? We meet at the Hostess Restaurant and from 7pm the following format is adhered to. Meet and greet by the President. We then have a carvery meal, chat and coffee. By no later than 8pm the evening meeting will start. Usually, unless it is one of our 3 business meetings, we will have a speaker. They will speak for between 20-40 minutes. After which we hold our monthly meeting which takes about 30-40 minutes.





Ask your own question and find out more about Inner Wheel.