Fabulous Flowers

A Well dressing (also once known as well flowering) is a summer custom practised in rural England in which wells, springs or other water sources are decorated with designs created from flower petals. This custom is most closely associated with the Peak District of Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

On July 13 this custom came to the Holy Cross Church in Upper Langwith, on the border of Nottinghamshire with Derbyshire. The Holy Cross Church is an Anglican church belonging to the Diocese of Derby.  During the reign of Henry II, the Holy Cross Church was given to the priory of Thurgarten.  The Norman archways still remain and there is a 13th century chancel. When the building was being restored in 1877 by Norman Shaw, a bellcote was also added.

But enough of the history, you want to hear about the flowers. The flower festival organised by villages is a fabulous annual event, that Inner Wheel Warsop never fail to attend in some number. We arrange a meeting place at a member’s home, go for a walk, then head in to the village of Upper Langwith for a wonderful homecooked lunch and a look at the flowers arranged in the Holy Cross Church.

This year member Lesley, was our host and members never tire of seeing her beautiful garden, which perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the day. Cherry cake and a cuppa were a welcome start before everyone set off on the walk.

After a spot of name that plant, Lesley led us on a short walk through the surrounding woodlands. The sun was out in all it’s glory and did not let us down, nor did Lilly the dog who ran freely through the trees, making us laugh and jump as she came charging out of the undergrowth.

We took shelter from the sun underneath the leafy green canopy of the trees. Never one to miss out on a photo opportunity, the ladies were game for a laugh.

Final hurdle.jpg

After much chattering and a little walking, we arrived back at Lesley’s home; where Lilly promptly took the perfect spot. Doing exactly what we all wanted to do. Lucky lady.

Pooped out pooch.jpg

Every year villagers put on a splendid event for three days. This year from 13 July to 16 July, you will find, if you visit a wonderful community restaurant where we had lasagna, wedges, garlic bread and salad (just to be healthy!). So eager were we to look around the church as this year’s display we omitted to stop for strawberries and cream.

Coming in to and out of the village we were met by two wonderful scarecrows. The stunning angel was created by our member, and villager Christine.

Walking up to the church is always pleasant, and we were greeted by our first well dressing flower display. This year’s theme for displays and arrangements was hobbies and interests.

We never fail to be amazed at the imagination of those who create them. We chose our favourites without knowing who’s they were. But no surprise our favourites were made by members Sue, Chris and Judy.

We also loved the knitting arrangement, with the subtle knitted bees nestling amonst the flowers. The music lover was also good to see having painted poppy seed heads black to represent the keys.

Back to the Community Hall, still open for refreshments (10 – 5pm) we took a look around the charity stalls. Fabulous hand made goods from cushions, aprons, door stops and small gifts, cards, sweets and exciting goodies. The strangest stall was cow themed, with the proceeds going towards a cow in Africa. Other stalls supported Mary’s Meals.

Thank you to all who have put together such a fantastic local event, supporting local and international charities.