Past President – Helen Tomlinson 2017/2018

Mrs Helen Tomlinson,
Immedite Past President of Warsop Inner Wheel July 2017 – June 2018

Well this has come around quickly…

It doesn’t seem two minutes since Terry Newton-Snare was asking for volunteers for Junior Vice … and now I’m here – I suddenly feel very grown up!

I came to Inner Wheel in 2013 when Mum rang and said that Aunty Gloria was doing a talk on the NSPCC. Conveniently Ruth (now my Vice President) phoned me that afternoon to arrange to meet up for lunch. Ruth and I have known each other since we were 11 and joined Comprehensive School together. As I told her that I was going to the Inner Wheel the following week she got very excited and said that she had been thinking of joining the Women’s Instutite and asked if she could come along!!

Never missing a chance to see each other, we attended the first meeting, which we enjoyed. The next meeting was creatively named “corsets through the ages”. As Ruth and I are very much in to all things fabric and clothing, we were very excited about this next speaker! Unfortunately, she didn’t quite live up to all expectations with very few corsets and just a lots of big knickers! But despite this we decided that if it meant that were guaranteed to be seeing each other once a month, we would join and the rest as they say is history; as I stand before you as your new President for 2017 – 2018.

I am quite a busy lady with children, grandchildren, an extremely busy career and last but definitely not least a wonderfully understanding husband Neil. To be truthful I did not think that I had the time for anything else in my life, but Inner Wheel is what you make it and I soon got the bug!!  The more that you put into your club the more you get out of it.

I have chosen Autism East Midlands (AEM) as my charity. I hold this cause close to my heart as many people close to me have been affected by the challenges that Autism and the whole spectrum can bring. The support that is given by AEM to so many families is one that should never be taken lightly and I look forward to being able to support them during my year.

We have a wonderful club which is the envy of many others, with new members, transferring members, younger members and older members. Our club is diverse and long may it remain as such. It would be lovely to promote the Inner Wheel and in doing so perhaps bring in more new members who can embrace the vibrancy of our club and other clubs in the District, to enjoy the friendship and fellowship that being part of Inner Wheel brings.

There are such great opportunities to meet new people and make new friends for life, whether that be at a Charter, a conference, a coffee morning, an international event, a walk round Clumber Park or a trip to the theatre. This year our club will continue to have  a wide array of speakers, interesting trips, functions, we launch our president’s Summer Ball, attend Conference and of course our wonderful Charter.

I do hope that you enjoy this coming year as much as I know I will. I will need the support of you all in order to make this year a real success. Succes is not about me, it is about our Club working together, and I know that together we can make this year amazing fun.

In Friendship