Charities Page

Each year the Club President chooses their own charities to support this year the club is supporting the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. A charity working and campaigning in the area of child protection in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. In particular Gloria is supporting the ChildLine School Service.

Every year the Club aims to support local charities such as:

  1. The Oaklands Centre is a home that aims to provide its residents with the highest possible standard of care. They specialise in providing care for adults with a learning disability suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss and similar disorders.
  2. The John Fretwell Sporting Complex, is managed by The Warsop Sporting Trust which is operated by volunteer trustees from the organisations who use the complex. The aim is to maintain the facilities to the highest possible standards and to promote sport in the local community, in schools and clubs, with young people today and in the future. Warsop Sporting Trust is a charitable organisation with all profit going back into the trust.

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