Back in the Swing of Things 2021

Like most charitable groups, Inner Wheel Warsop has been hit hard by the pandemic. Most of our fundraising events were cancelled or significantly changed in appearance due to social distancing laws, and the need to keep our members safe.

President Elaine had just 4 months of her year interrupted by the pandemic; President Ann had the whole year. But not deterred, we soldiered on and our wonderful group of ladies met the challenge head on. Using online technologies for meetings, we gradually got back to seeing each other (if only our head and shoulders) on a monthly basis.

We had afternoon teas, craft evenings and general social meetings. It wasn’t what we have been doing for the past 48 years but you can teach and old dog new tricks. And we love it. Now we hold out committee meetings by Zoom as that helps those members who are working to have a little down time after work and before the meeting starts. It all seems to be working well.

But there is nothing better than getting together…. and so we have. Here is how we started our year with a pandemic behind us, an uncertain future ahead of us, but with determination to be present in the here and now.


Once again we have been working hard knitting squares ready to be made into blankets for our baby bundles. Some of our members and close friends have been hard at it knitting the squares. These were then made into a selection of blankets by one of our volunteers to go into our baby bundles.

The baby blankets were completed by having a lovingly sewn on label identifying them as a product of Warsop Inner Wheel Ladies.

We then met to put together our much loved and appreciated baby bundles, which you can read all about in our earlier posts. Well worth a visit to see what we do, and if you’d like to get involved, just get in touch and we can sort out a date for you to help make them with us.

In August 2021 we made 41 baby bundles at the home of our International Service Officer Assistant. It was a good turn out to make the bundles and we all adhered to personal hygiene and only socialised as we felt safe to.

The bundles were later delivered to the National Police Aid Charity by two of our members. Well done ladies, you have done a marvelous job again.

Gloria and Joan at the warehouse for National Police Aid Charity (formerly Convoys)

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