International Inner Wheel President


International President Phyliss Charter

With my Theme of “Together we can” – I want you to join with me and show the world that, by being an Inner Wheel Member, together we can achieve our dreams and help others to achieve theirs, whilst enjoying friendships in our Clubs and with 110,000 other Members across the globe.

Let us be proud of our heritage and what our founder Margarette Golding achieved for Inner Wheel in the early days. Nearly 100 years later, we have to continue to inspire other women to join Inner Wheel by being Innovative in our efforts in this ever changing world. Let us prove that whatever the size of your Inner Wheel Club, or wherever you are in the world, together we can support each other in our projects, both in our own communities and internationally. Let us prove that 110,000 Inspirational and Innovative women in Inner Wheel together can achieve so much.

St Francis of Assisi once said “Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. On behalf of all those that you probably have never seen but have assisted by doing the impossible over the years, may I say a very big thank you to you all.

Let us reinforce how small the world is and how successful International Inner Wheel is in holding hands around the world whilst leaving footprints for others to follow.

Alone We Achieve So Little

Together Everyone Achieves More.



Chatsworth Ward

Back in November 2018, Warsop Inner Wheel presented one day date time clock to Tom Hunt, Ward Manager of the Chatsworth Ward at the Community Hospital. President Ruth asked Tom to put a wish list together for staff and patients, to pick things that may help them whilst at the ward. Many patients are in Chatsworth for rehabilitation 24/7 for  upto 6 weeks, and in special cases even longer.

As you will see from the wish list, we did pretty well by March, when we took in items donated from Dave Logan at The Adrenalin Jungle. Dave said ‘I’m not always able to attend events as we have a pretty busy schedule here at the Jungle. So when President Ruth put out a request for some fans, and other bits and bobs, we were really pleased we could help out’. The Adrenalin Jungle purchased two each of digital radios, fans and day date time clocks. We also had donations of hair dryers and straighteners from a campaign ran on facebook. Plus a donation of two blue DAB radios from Karen and Vince Newbury in Ware, who’s lives had been touched by MS. Plus a donation from the Club of toiletries, as not all patients are fortunate enough to arrive with the basics that most of us take for granted.

In June 2019, ladies of Warsop Inner Wheel, family and friends of patients attended an open day to celebrate a year of fundraising and present the ward with over £700 worth of items, donated and purchased for their specific use. Including two beautiful love seats with coordinating parasol.

Members of the Huthwaite Hub joined us on the day to provide a craft themed entertainment. Jewellery making, wood turning lathe demonstrations and wood burning skills were all available for staff, residents and our guests to have a go at.

Well done everyone for a fantastic event. Patients and staff were thoroughly excited about the event and couldn’t believe the generosity of people who attended.

Thank you ladies for all your hard work and for those who came to help out on the day.

A generous donation was given to the fund by the UDM Nottingham Section Welfare & Convalescent Fund. This Charity was initially set up in 1988 to assist persons employed or formerly employed in the Nottinghamshire coalfield, providing charitable benefits for members/ex-members of the UDM who were suffering from hardship.

The Charity’s governing document gives the Trustees a wide discretion as to the use to which the Charity’s assets are awarded.  Anyone wishing to benefit from the Fund should telephone the UDM on 01623 541407.

Off with her head

Chapter Two

Guests were met for the evening by a beautiful floral seating plan, created by President Ruth. No mistaking the creation’s author as her fingers were stained red from painting the roses. Only to find out you can buy red and white mottled flowers. Thanks to our Queen of Hearts Kelly for decorating the room the guests were ddelighted and excited the start.

As the lights changed to pink and purple in the room, the sky lights darkened and guests arrived, the excitment in the room was unbeleivable. Guests had made such an effort to take part in the ball theme. Some wore simple accessories, some wore fancy dress. All looked incredible.

The meal started promptly at 7.30 thanks to our host and compare John Fretwell. The evening meal was gorgeous, very tasty and with wonderful service. All manner of dietary requirements were catered for, we really did challenge the chef this year. Well done everyone at The John Fretwell Centre.

At 9.15 our entertainment began but not before everyone had indulged with raffle tickets, and tombola. There is nothing better than seeing people walk away with an armful of beautiful prizes.

Thanks to David from Design A Band, we were entertained, for the second year by SWAY International Allstars.

As you can see a brilliant floor filling band. The dance floor was full all evening. Here are just a few of the highlight photos.

If you attended our fabulous ball and want to share you photos with us we would be delighted. Just email

We’re All Mad Here

The setting for Wonderland, is a strange and seemingly crazy world where animals act as normal people, and you enter by dropping into a rabbit hole. But in the real world health and safety wasn’t about to let that happen, so Warsop Inner Wheel decided to recreate Wonderland at The John Fretwell Centre (JFC).

Our story starys in the ‘real’ world, where President Ruth was sitting next to her sisters discussing what the theme should be for the 2019 Charity Ball. The next thing the Ball Committee know is we are waking up to an email detailing the theme. A dream world where the Mad Hatter is throwing a tea party.

“President Ruth’s main charity this year has been the Mansfield Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The President’s Charity Ball was created to raise money and awareness.”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is a novel written in 1865 by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It tells of a young girl named Alice, falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre.

Chapter One:

Our amazing Wonderland was created very generously by Kelly Wilson-Parkes from A Touch of Charm The room at the JFC was originally a sports hall, and has already been dressed as a fantastic party venue and regularly booked out for weddings, events and conferences.

Kelly arrived with her charming team and began to transform the room. Kelly created a beautiful floral arch which we used as a photo wall.

Kelly has a very generous Queen of Hearts and has supported many great events with her room decorating skills. This year alone she has donated £10,000 worth of event dressings and time, to help support such causes as our own across the East Midlands.

Together, Inner Wheel members Elaine and Anne, husband Dave and Kelly’s gran Olive, helped put on over 150 black chair covers. Kelly and her team then decorated each chair with a mixture of purple, orange, green and pink chiffon bows.

Four tall brightly coloured trees were set at each end of the hall. While members of the Ball Committee continued adding the finishing touches, Kelly added an oversized ballon to each table, matching the colours on the chairs. The effect was stunning.

Our tables were then finished off with incredible floral center pieces made by two of our wonderful Inner Wheel ladies, Sue Pasierb and Christine Fretwell, who had generously donated the flowers and their time to create the individual masterpieces.

Also on each table was a brown goodie bag for each guest containing items donated by the East Midlands Mulitple Sclerosis Community Fundraiser Caroline Kew. There was information, pin badges, trolley tokens, furry creatures, and a book of information. The Ball Committee added a sweet treat to finish off the bag. Elaine and Anne were our fantastic bag ladies.

Inner Wheel member Hilary donated her time to create for the ball the ticket and poster designs, which were beautiful. But she also turned her creative hands to the completion of the tombola tower.

This year with the theme of Wonderland her creation was amazing and perfect as a focal point for the entrance to the room. The butterfly sparkles were to be added to the table a finishing touch, but looked great on the floor, when the box split. A happy accident as we like to call it.

We had some incredible donations for raffle prizes from members of the Warsop Club and from business friends.

Jill Hallam of JH Legal Services donated a jam packed (literally) full hamper of Fortnum and Mason treats. We had be hampers for men, women, children and families, plus a tea and coffee hamper donated by Donna and Paul Moodie of Quantas Bathrooms.

Elaine decorated the table with prizes, together worth well over £1000. All our amazing donations for the tombola and most for the raffle were wrapped by our super secretary Christine. Making both tables look fabulous.

By noon the room was looking breathtaking and all the helpers were ready to relax and some left for a pamper session at the hairdresses.

All that remained for the day was for President Ruth to run through the programme and timings with our volunteer Host John Fretwell. John was a willing volunteer at short notice to host our event.

End of Chapter One……

Knitters Tea 2019

Warsop Inner Wheel has some amazing support from our local community.

Throughout the year as part of our International Service, under the leadership of our International Officer Sue Lunn we send out much needed baby bundles to African countries.

These bundles include such things as a crochet or knitted blanket, beautiful knitted baby coats, nappies, baby cream and much more. These are delivered via the National Police Aid Convoy (NPAC)and are so well received by the new mothers.

We send in the region of 100 bundles a year and could not do this with out our dedicated group of community knitters.

These ladies although not Inner Wheel members give us fantastic support by knitting baby items and squares for blankets all year round. Many of these ladies having been doing so for 17 years and more.

It is important to us that we thank and value our volunteers, so last Friday Sue organised our knitter’s tea.

We had 25 ladies attend including two that had come all the way from Blackpool, as people arrived there was chatter and laughter as friendships were renewed. Several of our guests were then taken out for a trip to the Welbeck garden centre by Inner Wheel members.

Returning to the Oaklands to hear Joan Green from NPAC give an update on their work overseas and how our contributions made a huge difference to the lives of the recipients.

Again, we saw team work at its best as club members sprang into action serving a fabulous afternoon tea to or guests which had all been made by the members.

As the ladies left, they all commented on how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and hoped to see us again next year.

It just makes me realise how much I love being part of Inner Wheel, all the team pulling together, we were even laughing as we washed up and cleared away. A good afternoon was had by all.

We are always looking for new knitters, if you feel you would like to help please contact us though our website or call our secretary Christine Parkin. Also do the same if you would like to find out more about Inner Wheel or coming to visit one of our club meetings.

Fantastic Final Fundraiser

International Fundraiser

 Inner Wheel District 22 International Service Committee Chairman Marion Tasker organised her last International fundraiser yesterday before she steps down at the end of June 2019.

The venue was the Hostess restaurant where 90 guests met for a lovely lunch and friendship. There was much chatter and laughter as the event started.

The event was in aid of Water for Kids who aim to preserve and protect the good health of children and communities in the developing world by assisting in the provision of safe drinking water, good sanitation and other public health related measures.

Water for Kids

After a splendid lunch the entertainment started. Local artist Margaret Clarkson painted a superb water colour of a 1950’s back yard on washing day whilst we watched. She had all the audience enthralled and at the end she donated it for a silent auction which raised a fantastic £255 for Water for Kids.

At the end of the event Marion was able to announce that this year we have been able to donate just under £2000 to this fantastic charity.

Water for Kids: OUR IMPACT 86% of all funds go to overseas projects. In 20 years Water for Kids has transformed the lives of over 390,000 people. We have provided water, sanitation and hygiene education to 154 communities in nine countries.

Inner Wheel does such good work for many amazing charities.

Related image

As an all female ogransiation, any woman can join us. If you need any more information please visit our website.


Spring in to Easter Market

The winter is past, the rain has gone.  Flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing birds has come.

People say that the English spring is the mostly beautiful season in the year. The meteorological calendar states Spring starts on 1st March and ends on 31st May.

We associate many wonderful things with spring and none more so in the Inner Wheel Club of Warsop than the resurgence of our Spring Market at the John Fretwell Centre. We were very delighted to be able to share the day with many of our members from across the District, with locals from the surrounding villages and friends who travelled in from afar. Only the morning birdsong could rival the revelry in the room on the day.

The Spring months of March, April and May are famous for a time of beautiful flowering due to the increased levels of sun energy. The country is literally is sinking in flowers. The heaths in Yorkshire, rhododendrons in London, narcissus and tulips in Leeds and the Northern primrose are the marks of this season as much as the famous spring fragrance. The world is reflected in the little drops of the dew, and the early morning mists. Like busy bees and worker ants we toiled together to get the room ready for our doors to open at 10am on 17 April 2019.

Our International Service Officer (ISO) Sue organised and over saw the event making sure that everything ran smoothly. She need not have worried, as members arrived in support of the event, they took up their various posts around the room and the room came alive.


Bric-a-brac is always a popular stall and this year we started again from scratch with our goods, ensuring that everything we collate is given to other charity organisations to use or sell on in a similar fashion. We also had our wonderful new to you boutique and jewellery stalls, Flower arrangement and raffle tables sat perfectly in line with the professional stalls of Candle Lite, Temple Spa, The Dressing Room, Mary’s meals, and Margaret’s cards.


During the morning a little Easter bunny informed us we had a birthday in our midst, so in true Inner Wheel style we jumped at the chance to hand out more cake and sing happy birthday to Christine.


It was great to see so many people enjoying the morning and we can say Thank you to you all for your hard work and support, we have been able to share the proceeds from the morning 50/50 with our International Charities and President Charity Funds.

Look out for our next Christmas Market towards the end of November.

If you like the look of what Inner Wheel Warsop is doing, then please consider coming along to join us at a monthly meeting. Details can be found on out contact and joining information page.


The Greatness of Inner Wheel

Following on from Cardiff Conference, Vice President Elaine was moved to put pen to paper to share her experience and encourage anyone who either hasn’t been, or been for a while to join her in Belfast next year. This is her 2019 Conference Report.

Who are we and what is Inner Wheel?

I am often asked this question. Having attended the National Conference of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland this week, I have seen the aims of Inner Wheel at their best.

Over 1700 ladies from all over the world met in Cardiff to celebrate the 95year of this great organisation as well as to hold their Annual General Meeting.

Fun, Friendship and Service

This was in abundance as we met old and new friends in the House of Friendship, on the first day. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation of what the next few days would bring. Chatter and laughter were all around us.

Our Association President Ann lit the friendship candle and declared the conference open. She thanked all the members present for making the effort to attend. In her opening remarks she was very motivational about us moving forward as an organisation and us embracing change and technology. She reminded us that the thread that always ran through Inner Wheel was, Friendship, Kindness and Respect.

We were then treated to a celebration of service and friendship led by the very Popular Rev’d Kate Bottley of TV fame, who happens to live within district 22 area (and yes, she has been asked if she would like to join Inner Wheel)

With the hymns, readings and address all centering on service and friendship. Kate led the service in a lovely way, being very upbeat and leaving us with a buzz and the feel-good factor.

After the service we were welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and then Kate Bottley was her first guest speaker.

Kate was very entertaining and had her audience enthralled all the way through.

Kate was followed by Chris Kirby from Australia who is president of International Inner Wheel. With a very inspirational speech, she acknowledged our founder Margarette Golding and spoke to us about, friendship, community service and International understanding.

She said at times it appeared that Inner Wheel was a best kept secret and we needed to look, learn and listen. Look for new members, learn the needs of the organisation and how and why we evolve and listen to the needs of members and clubs, which will be different for all of us and accept change to move the organisation forward for our daughters and granddaughters.

The future of Inner Wheel is ours to shape.

Our next guest speaker should have been Esther Rantzen unfortunately she was ill and a very capable Inner Wheel member who is also a trustee of Silverline stepped in at the last minute and gave us a very informative talk about Silverline stating that there was 1.2 million chronically lonely people that need support. Silverline makes weekly friendship calls and works to alleviate loneliness.

In the afternoon Association President Ann presented a cheque to Lesley Schatzberger the founder of ‘Jessies Fund’, who had given us an insight of how the fund was set up and the good works it does in memory of her daughter who passed away at the age of nine.

This cheque brought the total to over £10,000 that has been donated with more to follow before the end of this Inner Wheel year.

Our last speaker of the day was a very inspirational and entertaining young man, Ed Pratt, who set off alone at the age of 19 with the aim of becoming the first person to ride a unicycle around the world. Three and a half years later he arrived home, having learned a lot about himself and having achieved his goal. Along the way he raised over £300,000 for the ‘School in a Bag’ charity.

The conference day was ended with the children’s choir ‘Cor y Cwm’

The evening entertainment was Andrew Grisewood who is an internationally acclaimed Floral Designer. He wowed his audience with his beautiful creations and stories about his life. The displays were than raffled off, with some very happy ladies going home.

The following day commenced with the AGM and some lively debates as we worked through the proposals and general motions. I felt very honoured to be Warsop’s voting delegate and to be able to be part of it. There were some excellent reports from the members of the executive committee bringing us up to date with all things Inner Wheel.

Once the business was over it was back to what we do best, hearing about fundraising achievements and enjoying ourselves. A cheque for £7,792 was presented to a representative from ‘Hope and Homes for Children’ from the Celebration service collection we had held the previous day. We heard how the representative had herself been a beneficiary of the charity and there were not many dry eyes by the time she had finished speaking.

It was then time for our final speaker Rainer Hersch who is a British conductor, actor, writer and comedian, he was joined by some friends. They gave us a musical extravaganza with many of his audience have a good singalong with him.

There was a definite feel good factor as President Ann closed this year’s conference.

The final nights entertainment had us returning to the Arena for a show by the amazing ‘Blue Brothers’. This was a sight to behold with over 1000 ladies dressed as: dressy for Jessy with a hint of pink. From the moment the band started we were up on our feet and the dance floor was never empty until they waved their final goodbye.

People ask did I enjoy conference?  Yes I did, I had so much fun and laughter during the week.

Did I see lots of friendship?  Yes I did, I saw many people that I had met at previous conferences and made new friends as well as being with my own club and district members whose company I always enjoy.

Did I see evidence of Service I was overwhelmed by how much the Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland do, during the conference we heard that during the last Inner Wheel year collectively we raised over a million pounds for worthwhile causes big and small, home and abroad. As well as putting in many volunteering hours for numerous organisations during the year. It is apparent that Inner Wheel ladies give a lot of their self and are very special ladies of all ages and from all backgrounds.

I came home very tired but full of motivation for the next Inner Wheel year, to spread the word and help to move our fantastic organisation forward. I am very proud to be an Inner Wheel member and I am already looking forward to Belfast next year.

Elaine. Vice President of Warsop Inner Wheel and District 22 Treasurer.

Cardiff Conference 2019



After Conference we usually ask one attending member to write, and read out at the club, a short review of their experiences. This time we thought why not let all of them who want to, share with you what they thought of Cardiff.



Gloria: Since 1994, I have attended all Inner Wheel Conference in GB&I and enjoyed every one. Each year I say that it was the best, and the 2019 Conference in Cardiff was no exception, with a musicality theme throughout, chosen by our Association President Ann Acaster.

From the start of the Celebration of Service and Friendship, led by the Reverend Kate Botley, to the finale of Rainer Hersch, a Musical Conductor and comedian, it was a pleasure to be there and enjoy all that Conference has to offer.

Gloria, District 22 Chairman Linda Elkin and the Reverend Kate Botley taking a selfi.

For me this is lots of fun, making and renewing  friendships, listening to fantastic speakers, whilst covering the Proposals and Motions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to make our Organisation ready for the next decade and beyond.  For me we are an organisation that every lady should want to join.

I always come away from Conference invigorated, renewed and excited about the future. I’m hoping that all our Members can join us in Belfast next year, it will be wonderful.

Member of D22 Council 2018/19 and Past President of Warsop Inner Wheel 2016/17

Josephine: Just returned from our Annual Conference on a’high’. Amazing! The programme revolved around Ann our Association  President and her love of  music and her charity Jessie s Fund.  Jessie died of a brain tumour and her mother spoke of how music helped children like Jessie with disabilities to communicate. It was very  moving I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

On a lighter note the highlights for me were the Rev Kate Bottley who was extremely  entertaining and on day two Rainer Hersch. Both of them kept  us all enthralled and the  day ended on a very happy  note.

I have  been  a member of four Inner Wheel clubs and for me the highlight is to meet up with old friends The friendships are renewed and throughout the conference there is an air of fellowship and fun.

I urge anyone  who has not been to a conference to consider Belfast next year to widen your appreciation of what Inner Wheel really is all about.

Member of Warsop Inner Wheel 2018/19

If you found our members stories fun to read and it has peaked your interest about Conference, the look at our Belfast Conference page and make sure you follow the website when we update it with news of the 2020 Conference.

Ruth: They say your first will always stay with you, and it has. Glasgow was amazing and I didn’t think it could be bettered. Until I went to Nottingham Conference the following year. You can ask anyone when they come away from Conference you are so tired, but good tired and you look forward to the next one. You’ve spoken to lots of wonderful like minded people, you’ve heard speakers that you would never have the opportunity to hear any where else and (if you are anything like myself) you have partied hard in to the ealy hours and still made it up for breakfast with everyone else. I attended Bournemouth in 2018 and had another great time; no fabulous time.



Sadly this year, neither holidays, finances or personal circumstance has enabled me to go to Cardiff. Like many others amongst our membership the reality of life takes precidence, and I like many just didn’t have the various resourses this year to make it.

However, I just wanted to share how much I missed not being part of Cardiff conference, especially as Club President. Seeing what everyone is getting up to on Facebook and receiving messages from the friends I’ve made from the different and diverse districts across GB&I was lovely, but not the same as being there with you. I will be planning for Belfast in 2020, reserving holidays, yes saving up and potentially getting the husband to come over too so we can make a longer holiday out of it. Where there is a will there is a way. If something is important to me, I will find the resources to do it.

President of Warsop Inner Wheel 2018/19, Club Correspondent 2016/2019

Thank you to everyone at Conference who took photographs they were great to see and we hope you don’t mind we have used a few we found on Facebook of Ann visitng the stalls and her Charity Jessies Fund to show everyone just how amazing Conference is.



Fabulous flower arrangements by Andrew Grisewood Tuesday evening entertainment, hosted by our very own Gloria.


Fantastic speaker Ed Pratt talked about his unicycle journey around the world for School in a Bag, the Charity President Ann supported in her term as International Service Officer. And a fabulous sing along from Rainer Hersch, a Musical Conductor and comedian


Where else but in Inner Wheel would you put such a wide and varied array of entertainment together. Well done president Ann.