About Inner Wheel


About the Association of
Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain & Ireland

Inner Wheel is an all female organisation.

Inner Wheel has three Objectives:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideals of personal service
  • To foster International understanding

FRIENDSHIP with SERVICE truly reflects a typical Inner Wheel Member.

The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs is like a wedding cake with tiers – the largest and most important tier is at grass roots level with our Clubs. Clubs are near you, in most towns and cities and large villages.These Clubs all have corresponding Rotary Clubs.

The next tier is at District level – there are 29 Districts that make up Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I).

The third tier is the GB&I Association; with a Governing Body and Executive Members representing all corners of Great Britain and Ireland. The fourth tier is International Inner Wheel, which represents 98,000 members from all the Inner Wheel Clubs in 103 Countries around the world.

The GB&I Association President 2019/2020 is Enid Law, from Llangollen District 18.

The 2019/2020 International Inner Wheel President Phyllis Charter has chosen the theme for this year – Together We Can.  We aim to show the world that, by being an Inner Wheel Member, together we can achieve our dreams and help others to achieve theirs, whilst enjoying friendships in our Clubs and with 110,000 other Members across the globe.

The Inner Wheel Year is from 1st July until 30th June the following year.

At a District level each new Chairman selects a charity to be supported across the District. For 2019/2020 Anne Lyons our District Chairman has chosen support Macmillan Cancer