My Year as President

Immediate Past President Elaine Hopkins

Well what a year, we started off full steam ahead with the Carnival in July, a day which is always hard work but extremely rewarding. It demonstrates Inner Wheel at its best, working in our community providing a very welcome service, whilst raising a funds for our chosen charities. It is a day I always go home from very tired but content in a job well done, with some amazing team work to pull it off and a feeling of a good day had by all with the giggles and friendship we have enjoyed along the way.

This was quickly followed by our E party where again we had a lovely afternoon of fun and friendship, and the afternoon tea with Trevor Negus was all I hoped it would be.

And for me one of the highlights of this year was our charter, I cannot thank our members enough for all the work and support given to make that such a special day for me it will remain with me forever. The Christmas coffee morning was well attended and another day of fantastic teamwork. We have enjoyed again some of Ruth’s craft creations and some of us have even learnt to draw. I thank all the excellent speakers that we had and particularly I enjoyed the army working dog Hi-ha.

When I stood before the members this time last year I wanted my year to be remembered as a year that we worked as a team and made things happen and of course we had the mantra “ Together we can” Although this year has not worked out quite as expected I feel that together we have achieved great things and kept the name of Warsop Inner Wheel out there.

Despite things coming to an abrupt end in March, together as a club we looked at how we could continue with our service and friendship at a time when people were feeling frightened, lonely and unsure what the future held. Our support mechanism sprang into place with Almoner Gloria and Secretary Christine keeping in contact with our members and reporting back if we had anyone who was unwell or needed help.

Little support bubbles came into being where members were contacting each other to let us know someone cares.  And of course, our updates from Sue Pasierb and pictures of rainbow wreaths and gardens made us still feel connected. And then we all entered the amazing world of Zoom technology I thank all the members that could for embracing this with such tenacity.

We have had members working on the front line supporting those in need and of course we have supported Front line workers with our sewing and goody bags. To date we have made 128 Scrub bags, 180 Masks and each parcel has been accompanied by hand cream and chocolate. With these we have supported the Oaklands staff, NHS staff and a DVLA examiner who is taking people on test from essential occupations.

Also, our very own front-line workers Janine and Sharlotte received theirs with our thanks and respect for all they have done during the pandemic. Thanks also go to Sharon Sorensen who has been supporting people to return home with the necessary care when needed after a spell in hospital.

I have also worked throughout supporting older people with essentials and in particular also supporting veterans suffering from social isolation, several of our members have donated items for this project they have been very gratefully received by both myself and the veterans.

My biggest disappointment was not being able to hold our taste of Welbeck event (Something that I was so looking forward to and a huge amount of planning had gone into it) and The Pimm’s and Promises afternoon as these would have made some much needed funds for my chosen charities, however in these difficult times of our fundraising being cut short, we were still able to handover £5,500 to these worthwhile charities that are very close to my heart, The Oaklands, Breast Cancer and the Warsop Sporting Trust.

As you can see, as a team we can rise to any challenge and the ladies of Warsop Inner Wheel are a force to be reckoned with. I thank you all for all the support you have given me this year and for making it a year to cherish always. I would also like to say a huge thank you, to all my committee members who have always been there for me listening to some of my wacky ideas and then helping me to make it happen. Each one of them has shown me true friendship and compassion. It has been an honour and a joy to be the president of the Inner Wheel Club of Warsop for the last year and to represent them at events.

Although my year may not always be remembered in the way that I wanted it to be at the beginning of the year, I have has a fabulous time surrounded by some fantastic women who have a can do attitude and “Together we did”. It will always be remembered by our club members as how we came together to support each other and our community.

Yours in friendship

Immediate Past President Elaine Hopkins

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