Spring in to Easter Market

The winter is past, the rain has gone.  Flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing birds has come.

People say that the English spring is the mostly beautiful season in the year. The meteorological calendar states Spring starts on 1st March and ends on 31st May.

We associate many wonderful things with spring and none more so in the Inner Wheel Club of Warsop than the resurgence of our Spring Market at the John Fretwell Centre. We were very delighted to be able to share the day with many of our members from across the District, with locals from the surrounding villages and friends who travelled in from afar. Only the morning birdsong could rival the revelry in the room on the day.

The Spring months of March, April and May are famous for a time of beautiful flowering due to the increased levels of sun energy. The country is literally is sinking in flowers. The heaths in Yorkshire, rhododendrons in London, narcissus and tulips in Leeds and the Northern primrose are the marks of this season as much as the famous spring fragrance. The world is reflected in the little drops of the dew, and the early morning mists. Like busy bees and worker ants we toiled together to get the room ready for our doors to open at 10am on 17 April 2019.

Our International Service Officer (ISO) Sue organised and over saw the event making sure that everything ran smoothly. She need not have worried, as members arrived in support of the event, they took up their various posts around the room and the room came alive.


Bric-a-brac is always a popular stall and this year we started again from scratch with our goods, ensuring that everything we collate is given to other charity organisations to use or sell on in a similar fashion. We also had our wonderful new to you boutique and jewellery stalls, Flower arrangement and raffle tables sat perfectly in line with the professional stalls of Candle Lite, Temple Spa, The Dressing Room, Mary’s meals, and Margaret’s cards.


During the morning a little Easter bunny informed us we had a birthday in our midst, so in true Inner Wheel style we jumped at the chance to hand out more cake and sing happy birthday to Christine.


It was great to see so many people enjoying the morning and we can say Thank you to you all for your hard work and support, we have been able to share the proceeds from the morning 50/50 with our International Charities and President Charity Funds.

Look out for our next Christmas Market towards the end of November.

If you like the look of what Inner Wheel Warsop is doing, then please consider coming along to join us at a monthly meeting. Details can be found on out contact and joining information page.


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