Cardiff Conference 2019



After Conference we usually ask one attending member to write, and read out at the club, a short review of their experiences. This time we thought why not let all of them who want to, share with you what they thought of Cardiff.



Gloria: Since 1994, I have attended all Inner Wheel Conference in GB&I and enjoyed every one. Each year I say that it was the best, and the 2019 Conference in Cardiff was no exception, with a musicality theme throughout, chosen by our Association President Ann Acaster.

From the start of the Celebration of Service and Friendship, led by the Reverend Kate Botley, to the finale of Rainer Hersch, a Musical Conductor and comedian, it was a pleasure to be there and enjoy all that Conference has to offer.

Gloria, District 22 Chairman Linda Elkin and the Reverend Kate Botley taking a selfi.

For me this is lots of fun, making and renewing  friendships, listening to fantastic speakers, whilst covering the Proposals and Motions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to make our Organisation ready for the next decade and beyond.  For me we are an organisation that every lady should want to join.

I always come away from Conference invigorated, renewed and excited about the future. I’m hoping that all our Members can join us in Belfast next year, it will be wonderful.

Member of D22 Council 2018/19 and Past President of Warsop Inner Wheel 2016/17

Josephine: Just returned from our Annual Conference on a’high’. Amazing! The programme revolved around Ann our Association  President and her love of  music and her charity Jessie s Fund.  Jessie died of a brain tumour and her mother spoke of how music helped children like Jessie with disabilities to communicate. It was very  moving I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

On a lighter note the highlights for me were the Rev Kate Bottley who was extremely  entertaining and on day two Rainer Hersch. Both of them kept  us all enthralled and the  day ended on a very happy  note.

I have  been  a member of four Inner Wheel clubs and for me the highlight is to meet up with old friends The friendships are renewed and throughout the conference there is an air of fellowship and fun.

I urge anyone  who has not been to a conference to consider Belfast next year to widen your appreciation of what Inner Wheel really is all about.

Member of Warsop Inner Wheel 2018/19

If you found our members stories fun to read and it has peaked your interest about Conference, the look at our Belfast Conference page and make sure you follow the website when we update it with news of the 2020 Conference.

Ruth: They say your first will always stay with you, and it has. Glasgow was amazing and I didn’t think it could be bettered. Until I went to Nottingham Conference the following year. You can ask anyone when they come away from Conference you are so tired, but good tired and you look forward to the next one. You’ve spoken to lots of wonderful like minded people, you’ve heard speakers that you would never have the opportunity to hear any where else and (if you are anything like myself) you have partied hard in to the ealy hours and still made it up for breakfast with everyone else. I attended Bournemouth in 2018 and had another great time; no fabulous time.



Sadly this year, neither holidays, finances or personal circumstance has enabled me to go to Cardiff. Like many others amongst our membership the reality of life takes precidence, and I like many just didn’t have the various resourses this year to make it.

However, I just wanted to share how much I missed not being part of Cardiff conference, especially as Club President. Seeing what everyone is getting up to on Facebook and receiving messages from the friends I’ve made from the different and diverse districts across GB&I was lovely, but not the same as being there with you. I will be planning for Belfast in 2020, reserving holidays, yes saving up and potentially getting the husband to come over too so we can make a longer holiday out of it. Where there is a will there is a way. If something is important to me, I will find the resources to do it.

President of Warsop Inner Wheel 2018/19, Club Correspondent 2016/2019

Thank you to everyone at Conference who took photographs they were great to see and we hope you don’t mind we have used a few we found on Facebook of Ann visitng the stalls and her Charity Jessies Fund to show everyone just how amazing Conference is.



Fabulous flower arrangements by Andrew Grisewood Tuesday evening entertainment, hosted by our very own Gloria.


Fantastic speaker Ed Pratt talked about his unicycle journey around the world for School in a Bag, the Charity President Ann supported in her term as International Service Officer. And a fabulous sing along from Rainer Hersch, a Musical Conductor and comedian


Where else but in Inner Wheel would you put such a wide and varied array of entertainment together. Well done president Ann.

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