March Meeting

After missing last month’s meeting President Ruth started our meeting with a brief explanation and thank you for the Clubs support. She also gave a very warm welcome to a first-time visitor and a new member, who will be inducted next month. She then went on to thank everyone for their friendship and support during a family crisis.

For those unaware of Inner Wheel values, fostering true friendships is one of the foundation stones of our Association. At times when a member most needs support, an Inner Wheel member can be relied upon to rally round and provide friendship and support in abundance.

This month in the Club there were two birthdays and two anniversaries to celebrate along with the attendance of two teams in to the District 22 Annual Quiz. The celebrations were not for winning the overall District quiz, but for the winning Warsop team who were presented each with a packet of Jammy Dodgers.

This month we also thanked and said goodbye to our Almoner. Thankfully not from the Club just from the role in the Committee. Whilst some feel each post must be filled immediately, as a club we have decided that until the new year we will cover off the role together, with each member of the committee taking an aspect to complete. President Ruth will be taking the e-cards, Secretary Christine will send out cards and Committee Member Elaine will make phone or house calls as required. Team work at it’s best. There will be a new almoner starting in July with the new President, but more on that in another meeting. Christine thanked member Chris for suggesting her son as a short notice speaker at the February meeting. We could tell how proud mum was of her camera man son and so she should be, he was a fantastic speaker.

As always, Treasurer Anne explained that finances were looking healthy and that money had started to come in for the Mad Hatter Ball on 24 May this year. Our Secretary always has lots to share with us and she updated everyone on membership cards and other helpful goodies received from Association Membership Committee. We are still waiting to hear officially whether Warsop Carnival is taking place this year, but until we hear it is not, we are getting ready with early preparations which Christine again updated us with what has taken place.

Earlier on the same day 8 members of the Club attended the District 22 Annual General Meeting. But due to the agenda for our meeting this month, feedback will be given in the April meeting. All members will receive a copy of the minutes so we can discuss anything in detail next month is the need arises.

As we near the end of President Ruth’s year there are fewer events for the Charity Secretary to report on. Our big push for the Mad Hatter Ball is still in full swing, as is the Spring Market coming next month. International Service Officer Sue updated everyone about a successful knit and natter afternoon on the 1st March where 31 baby bundles, 37 joy bags and much sewing of blankets too place. Sue also too to the National Police Aid Convoy offices the following morning a duvet, 2 knotted blankets, 4 bags of children’s clothing and 2 bags of ladies underwear for our District ISO’s  Pad Project. She also mentioned the upcoming international events that were due and encouraged members to attend.

The Club Correspondent role has not been taken up this year, with President Ruth covering off events with assistance from members. A news report form was introduced to members asking that they write a few words about events they go to, pass these to the team to type up or if they can type them and email in. Either way, we want to involve everyone about spreading the good word of Inner Wheel. So far it seems to be working and already two events have been submitted and uploaded on to our Facebook page.

After the meeting concluded in just half an hour, the committee had been briefed to keep it short, President Ruth and Member of Council Gloria, both on the membership committee ran a focus group on how to identify potential members for Inner Wheel. We started asking members to identify what we did and how we did those things. So, a list of the events was gathered, and we looked at the feeling of events we held, identifying what was special about them.

Then a few ‘spoof’ potential member profiles were handed out and in small groups, the ladies were asked to consider each profile and why they should join Inner Wheel. We asked them to dig deep and look at not why they themselves joined Inner Wheel, but what keeps them coming. Finally, a group discussion took place and never one to miss a photo opportunity, Warsop held up their suggestions and showed the world what a wonderful eclectic group we are.

Feedback on the unusual business meeting was that it was a fun and interesting discussion, one which we think we will return to giving ourselves more time.

We also realised that we needed a new membership officer in group to ensure that our recently joined members have a buddy, above and beyond the friend they may have joined with. This is to ensure they understand what is happening, how things work at Club and District level and also to ensure they get to events whilst they are finding their feet. It would be a shame to only concentrate on getting new members at the cost of retention. Both are equally as important.

So, keep tuning in to how we get on with membership, watch our Facebook, Website and Instagram accounts for the fun things we get up to. And why not go to our joining page on the website and see if you think we could offer you something out of the ordinary, to be part of something bigger than yourself.


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