Would you know ….

… which female film icon was always played by a male?

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This week on 28 February, 150 ladies all members Of District 22 Inner Wheel gathered at the Post Mill Centre at South Normanton looking forward to an evening of fun and friendship, and eagerly awaiting the annual D22 District Quiz.

The Warsop Club was represented by two teams, also two members of the club who are on the District executive team joined the marking team. Don’t worry it is all above board they weren’t marking Warsop’s papers, which is a shame as our teams could have done with a little help.

As people arrived the room was a buzz with the usual chatter as they met new and old acquaintances. The evening started off with a pie and pea supper, a welcome treat before the battle commenced. Every club with set out on the quest of being crowned the 2019 D22 Quiz winners. Warsop last won the Quiz in 2013, and had high hopes with their two team on the night.

At times there was much hilarity as District Chairman Linda read out the questions and at other times a stunned silence. Linda said watching the faces of the teams was hilarious and you could easily tell whether they knew or did not know the answers.


We were updated of the scores on the doors by Paul and Carol’s electronic score boards. First at the top of the board were the Church Belles from Church Wilne taking an early lead. Although the scores were very close only 5 points between first place and our first Warsop team.

At the end of the ten rounds we all our brains were empty and we looked forward to seeing the Church Belles were crowned the winners having held on to the lead from the start. Congratulations to everyone else, and they were closely followed in second place by the Alfreton All sorts and Ruffy’s Ruffians from the Keyworth and Ruddington Club.


The two teams from Warsop came 22nd and 23rd out of a total number of 32 teams, but only two points apart.

It was been a lovely evening of chatter, banter and a great social event with ladies from all over the district coming together. Our lovely Churche Belles with Linda accepting their winning prizes. Linda also gave all the winners a money tree.

Here we have the Alfreton Alsorts with Linda, and two of the team sorting out who gets what prize. We wonder what they won!?

Thanks, must go to Judith Turner and her team from the West Ashfield Club for organising the event and supporting District Chairman Linda on the evening.

Quizzle on ladies – here as some that we could remember… see how you do!

For the first 5, fill in the missing words so in this example 3 B M =3 blind mince

  1. 24 H in a D
  2. 9 P in the SS
  3. 2 Q in a C
  4. 2 of E in to N A
  5. 1001 A N
  6. What was Eric Morecambe’s real name?
  7. Which county does the river Isis run through?
  8. Who was the first Britian in space?
  9. What date did the Queen and Prince Philip marry?
  10. How long did the 100 years war last?
  11. What is a blini?
  12. Which God is the God of Wine?

You have a year to practice ladies.


3 thoughts on “Would you know ….”

  1. after looking at these questions……………………………I now know why I don’t go to the quiz any more !! Jan Strachan will never be forgotten xx

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