Dress to Impress

We really want you and your friends to join us, but if you aren’t someone who likes to over accessories or glam it up, then you don’t have to. After all this is just a normal black tie evening.

There will be some who want to join in the theme of the evening. So let your imagination run wild.

You don’t have to go mad, just be a mad hatter.

Here are some suggestions to help you create your perfect outfit:

The Red Queen (and her King of course)
Red or black outfits with a few heart accessories makes you the king or queen of hearts.

Alice and the White Rabbit: If you are more of an Alice or white rabbit kind of girl then perhaps blue, white and pale coloured outfit would be your thing. Alice has a head band, a looking glass, black and white accessories. Perhaps some little rabbit has ears.
Here are a few ideas to get you on your way, as you dress to impress.

There are tones of characters in Wonderland that would love to attend the Mad Hatter’s ball. To name but a few we have the:

Cheshire Cat: The see me here, see me there character comes in a range of cheeky colours from bright pinks and cerise, to moody greys and teal.

March Hare: The March Hare is a more country casual character, so go for something in rusts, golds, and autumn shades. Don’t forget to join in the hatters with a stunning set of ears.

Tweedle Dum/Dee: Where do you start with these two? Well, we went for block colours in yellow and/red. See what you think and could you do better than we have.

And then there is everything else from playing cards, to flowers in the garden.

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