January 2019

We all needed a warm welcome at the start of our January meeting, the weather had turned decidedly wintery and there was a chill in the air. We had the pleasure of two guests, one a potential member and one our speaker for the evening. This was our first meeting back after the Christmas holidays and there was much friendship chatter in the room.

After our meal Pip Bateman our speaker gave us an inspiring talk about her life and career helping less fortunate people and how she has been leading a healthier and more meaningful life since she experienced a life changing injury.  She told us of the ups and downs of her own life and how she had achieved her personal goals through helping others. Pip was originally going to talk just about the benefits of Nordic Walking, which had played a great part in her personal and physical health achievements; but as ever with our meetings the conversations roll, and we talked about lots of things. Pip invited members, who willingly accepted, to join her to take up the challenge of a Nordic walking taster.

At the start the evening there was a short refresher for an important milestone in the Inner Wheel calendar. World Inner Wheel Day and its origins. It is important to have these as members new and old, it is important to be reminded of why we have certain ceremonies and traditions in the organisation.

So, we were last all together here in November after our lovely charter, celebrating 46 years together.  The President’s speak was mainly a reflection of the various events that had happened between the November meeting and getting together again in January. At the end of November, we were all getting ready for the Christmas Market. We should be proud that we had a few new stalls who all reported doing well on the day. We also had guests visiting for the first time, who walked out with arms filled with goodies and wearing a smile. What more could we ask for?

Then on 1st December we attended the Warsop Shed – Christmas Market and provided refreshments, supporting our friends in Rotary and our local community on mass. We held our much-loved flower arranging day mid-December. It was great to have new people attending this year and we still had a full house for the day. Thank you to everyone who made the day a success. Several members also attended the District Carol Service. We truly were in a festive mood. All that was left is to look forward to coming events for 2019.

On a more sensible note, something raised at out Committee meeting. The President’s year runs July to June and during that time we attend the events that the President has planned whilst being Vice President. To ensure that the Vice President gets the Club’s full support in planning events, the Committee have agreed that after the Charter in November, any forthcoming events can and should be discussed at Committee meetings. After all we are a team, we work together for the greater good of the Club. As a result, there will now be boards going around events in Vice President Elaine’s year, starting in July 2019.

This month we wish many happy returns and celebrations to four members of the club. Due to illness and holidays we missed 14 members at the meeting. We wished all members good health and a happy new year and as a whole Club asked members to make those all-important calls, visits and send cards to remind members they are in our thoughts.

Treasurer Anne reported how well the Clubs fund raising endeavours were going and identified the monies raised from the previous month’s events. We were delighted to hear her good news.

We had lots of people acting up or standing in this meeting due to the absences and ill health. Sue read out the Secretary’s report and informed that from Association we had received individual identification cards showing our unique membership number. These will be distributed next month. A suggestion was that on the reverse side of the cards it could be used to detail allergies, important medications and emergency contact numbers. Generally, we thought it would be a good idea but that they would need laminating.

All our District forms have been returned for upcoming nominations. We were delighted to support the continuation of our member Elaine as District Treasurer. There was a request for members to consider taking on a role at club, district and potentially association level.

It is vitally important that people take on board roles within Clubs. We are currently looking for several vacancies and we are a big club so you would hope they are going to be filled by next month. For those interested in our Club we will need: 2nd Vice President. Club Correspondent. Attendance Officer and Committee Member. There is always much trepidation when people look to take on a role of responsibility. But we as past and present committee members have all found it isn’t as bad once you are there; and you will learn so much more about your club and Inner Wheel as an organisation. So come on just pick up a role on a committee.

It always amuses the Club when Committee member Elaine stands in for Vice President Elaine. Simple pleasures. Elaine indicated that we had three boards going around on the night. Firstly, for the Craft and Crumpet night on 20th March at St Teresa’s Church Hall where we will be making cloth rag garlands. The Presidents Wonderland Ball at the Fretwell Centre 24th May £35 Theme is a Mad Hatter/Black Tie themed event and is going to be our biggest push this year. There is also a local tour of Welbeck Abbey State Rooms 29th August at 11.30am.

Volunteering takes on any shape and form. One of our members has volunteered to be our ‘lucky bag’ coordinator for the next 12 months. This means she will collate any recycled gift bags and gifts to go in them. They will then be sold at the Christmas Market on the Lucky Bag stall for £2, where there is a prize every time. Sometimes a silly gift, but mostly something well over the value of £2. It is a great and successful fundraising idea.

Our Junior Vice Ann read out the International Report as our ISO was absent. The Christmas Shed was reported to having gone very well. So much so that we were able to give a donation to the Shed and still have a good amount for Aquabox. Sue wished to thank everyone that contributed food, loan of equipment or just turning up to help.

Just before Christmas Sue took two bags of blankets, one bag of children’s jumpers and five boxes of pencils. crayons, rubbers and rulers to the NPAC warehouse. Sue is arranging a visit round the Aquabox warehouse on Friday 22nd March followed by a meal out.

With an event pending, we asked for a volunteer to help out as Club Correspondent for World Inner Wheel Day craft session. Our newest member Carole agreed to write a report and take some photographs of the event.

In other Inner Wheel business Mary brought greetings from a member in Nepal that had emailed her. They had met at the Convention in Melbourne last year. Mary was going to respond back by email on Saturday 10th and said how thankful she was to be able to do so on World Inner Wheel day celebrating international friendships and service.

Members were in agreement that a donation of £145.50, made in lieu of Christmas cards between members would go to a local animal charity – the Manor Farm Charitable Trust www.manorfarmcharitabletrust.org

That was all we had time for and we concluded the meeting at 9.30. As ever a full meeting and we hope you have enjoyed reading what goes on at one of our meetings. May we wish you all much fun, friendship and service in 2019. Have a happy new year.

President Ruth






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