The Shed

The first weekend of December was very busy and festive for our team of volunteers.

Weeks of planning by the Shed Committee went it to a successful Community event in Warsop. Just had time for two quick photos before the crowds arrived.

Our members made soups, served hot chocolate with Marshmallows and cream, sausage rolls, teas and coffee in support of our International and local charity funds.

International Service Officer Sue was pleased the event went well and raised money for AquaBox, Sport4Kidz and Warsop Youth Club.

Here are a few of the amazing memories we created together at this event. If you’re a busy lady, why not get in touch, come to a meeting and see what we do, and share the load with other busy ladies.

Meet left to right Christine, Helen, Anne and Elaine. Then President Ruth wearing the tiara Santa hat.

We had a full day at The Shed, from setting up to taking down. But across the day our Warsop Wonders came to assist. And just to confuse we have Helen, Ruth and our two Elaines.

Meet Sue and Chris making drinks, and our Member of Council Gloria getting cheeky kisses from Mary and Ann.

It very rarely happens we get all our volunteers in one photo but we try. From left to right we have Treasurer Anne, Vice President Elaine, ISO Sue, members Sue, Mary and Ann, MoC Gloria and President Ruth.

Sue and Gloria in the kitchen.

We always support our local Warsop, Shirebrook and District Rotarians at this event. When we realised Santa was a Rotarian, we wanted to keep his little elfers fed and watered.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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