November Meeting

This month’s meeting was without doubt full to the brim with things to be said and done. We hold three business meetings a year and one annual general meeting. This month was our business meeting, which essentially means we don’t have a guest speaker.

This month we tried something different.  We asked our International Service Officer (ISO) Sue to talk to the Club about one of our Foundation Objectives. To Foster International Understanding. So an interactive discussion was given about what work the ISO carries out, how we at Club level fit in to the wider District, Association and International part of the Organisation. Sue explained that a knit and natter doesn’t require you to knit and what donations we need to make up all the items she will report on later in this meeting. We also aske Immediate Past President Helen to talk about an executive role; tonight we chose the Club Correspondent and what the club needs from the next office holder.

We only had eight apologies this month, which for a business month is incredible, and the week after our Club’s 46th Birthday, ladies came out two weeks in a row. So, from me, their President, I’d like to say a big thank you for everyone showing their club support.

We traditionally light a friendship candle at the start of all our monthly meetings, only this month it had been like herding cats before the meeting. It wasn’t until I went to light the candle that I realised I had nothing to light it with. So thanks to good old Google, we lit a virtual candle so as not to break with a much loved tradition.

Before the business reports began, I had the happy task of inducting our first new member of this year, Carole. Despite me fluffing my words, the event was very special. I don’t think you ever forget your first. All new members are given a resume of the aims and goals of Inner Wheel and was presented with her name badge and handbook.  we always ask the new member to give a brief talk about her life and how they get to be with us.  The Club gave her a very warm welcome and we began our evening’s business.

My report this month was pretty full, and I make no apologies for that. It has been a wonderful month, but I can’t deny now being a little tired. My diary is colour co-ordinated to activity. I’m purple, Th’ubsta is green, family is red and work orange.  When October and half of November there was a lot of yellow, meaning, Inner Wheel.

If you follow Warsop Inner Wheel on Facebook, you’ll already know we had a wonderful donation from Gok Wan. Yes, I know!! It wasn’t technically an Inner Wheel event, but I was there with friends and when he asked if anyone was here from a charity, my arm involuntarily shot my hand straight up and he was looking directly at me. Thanks to his swear box which Gok continued to use effectively throughout the day, his profanity gained a donated £100 to my Presidents MS Charity.  I now understand his cousin has Multiple Sclerosis, so it was meant to be that we connected.  Later that same event two ladies asked if I was “that charity lady “and they both slipped £20 notes into my bag.  I’m always overwhelmed with the generous nature of strangers.

A friend of the Club arranged for me to give a “Decorate A Bottle” workshop with some of her friends. It was a great evening and all proceeds went into our charity pot.  The hall heating wasn’t working so we had a discount on the hire of the room which was a lovely surprise, and with the sale of a few of my decorated bottles, the evening was a great success and we raised over £90 after costs.

We held a Pie and Pea games night on the Friday the 2nd of November. Which whilst only a small but perfectly formed numbers attended the evening, we had a really good laugh.  Raising again a rather lovely sum of just over £200 towards our charity pot.

There was just enough time that night to make a stop home, get some sleep before heading off on the Saturday morning to our District Meeting at the Post Mill Centre, South Normanton. That Saturday was rather full.

Again followers of our Club on Facebook or users of the website, I’m sure will have all heard by now, that myself, Secretary Christine and Immediate Past President Helen went to our local Hospital.  Thankfully not for any treatment or visiting, but we had an appointment with Millside Hospital Radio.  For once, I was dumbstruck.  I could hear Christine chatting away about her life as a nurse at the hospital and Helen was freely chatting with the other presenters.  But me, prior to going on air sat in the staff room, my throat was dry, and my mind was blank; to the point of calling Margaret Golding, Margaret Attwood!!! You’ll be pleased to know as soon as we went live and with Christine literally holding my hand throughout, the interview went, so I’ve been told, a natural flow.

That weekend continued to be busy as I completed the programmes, name cards, and finishing touches to my speech for our upcoming Charter. The Charter is our main event and an evening of celebration. On the whole it was a wonderous event and I know I certainly enjoyed it. I reported back that I had received some incredible cards, hand written notes, texts, Facebook comments and direct feedback on the night that the evening went very well, looked amazing and felt fantastic.

Sadly, we had a couple of seating arrangements that didn’t work out well and took the edge off the evening for a few of our members. Nothing unsurmountable, but something that we as a Committee have taken on board and will ensure the learning is passed on in the Charter Blue Print.

The following Saturday I attended the Kirkby Diwali Celebration with members and friends.  A wonderful evening, that completely filled our senses and was visually stunning.  The blue lit room, the gentle waft of Indian seasonings and the quiet sound of relaxing Indian music.

I had the honour of laying a wreath of remembrance at the Warsop Cenotaph this year as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and marking the end of the First World War. We had a wonderful turn out and it was an absolute cheer to see our member’s faces dotted in the crowds every which way I turned.

At the time of our meeting I was looking forward to our Coffee Morning on 20th November and to our Christmas meal in December. I was also looking forward to putting my feet up. I informed the Club that we have purchased a sensory clock for the Chatsworth Ward at the local Community Hospital.  This is the ward used for MS Respite and the one my Mum and members of our club have attended.

That, I’m sure you will be pleased to know concluded my report.

November was also busy for our Almoner Joy, who reported that we had four birthdays, three anniversaries and that three of our members were unwell; friendship was at the centre of her report and we all wish celebrations and a return to health to all our members.

Inner Wheel is still, sadly to my mind, the charity world’s biggest kept secret and we never shout out about our fundraising outcomes. So when Anne our Treasurer reports back each month how we are doing, we again are always amazed at people’s generosity. We received a wonderful donation from a group of ladies who play tennis on a private court. So instead of paying the fee to a health club, they donate what they would have paid to us for our charity pot. There really are some incredible people out there.

Christine began her secretary report by relaying the sad news of two resignations from the club. Both had left for personal reasons and nothing related to the Club. I always try to get in touch with members who leave us and this occasion was no different. I spoke to both of the ladies and has told them that if at any time they wish to return we would love to see them; and I think they probably will. So just au revoir not goodbye.

Following the District meeting earlier in the month, which was again full of discussion and debate, Christine gave a short report on the topics and urged all our members to fully read the minutes that had been circulated. She also fed back correspondence received from Association and International Inner Wheel, about the three-year social project. The project will be Caring For Women and Girls; a hard copy is always made available if anyone wants to read the information rather than receive this through email.

I did tell you this meeting was full to the brim!!

There are four boards going around tonight one for the Shed event on the 1st of December which Sue will talk about in her report.

Our meeting was held on 14th November so at the time our Vice President and Charity Chair circulated boards for our Christmas Market on the 20th and requested final payment for our Christmas meal on 5 December.

We have a very well attended flower arranging event every year which has become somewhat famous in the District. So we were really pleased that so many Clubs have picked up on these kind of days as being such a great success for not only fundraising, but venting our creating. Our event on the 11th December is already a sell out and we are looking forward to creating something exciting.

Elaine then reminded everyone to save the date for our second President’s Charity ball will be held at the Fretwell centre on the 24th May 2019. Tickets are to be held at the same price as last year £35 and the theme this year will be a black tie, wonderland theme.

ISO Sue, thanked the 11 members who attended the Knit and natter on 4th Oct. Who altogether created 20 Baby bundles, three bags of knitted blankets, three bags of children’s clothes and jumpers, one bag of school uniforms, one bag of lady’s underwear, six Roy bags and 33 joy handbags. These were taken to the NPAC warehouse the following day. The following week, Sue also took 10 bags of carpet squares which were donated by Damien’s Carpets Warsop.

Since the last meeting we have received an email from District inviting donations to the DEC for the recent Tsunami in Indonesia. Any donations to the DEC are matched by the U.K. government. The committee recommended that we remain with our decision to send our donation to Aquabox. We are also looking forward to a visit in May 2019 to the Aquabox warehouse at Cromford.

We released our Web statics to the club and in October, we had 115 visitors making 281 views with the top post being looked at was the October meeting minutes review. Our readers clearly seem to enjoy these reports, so we’re hoping November will be as popular, despite the length of the minutes.

In November to date, as we were only 14 days in, we had 163 visitors making 889 views. The top posts looked at were our birthday Charter, our events page and Radio Gaga. Our visitors have been predominately UK as always but standing out were Australia, the USA, Ireland and the Philippines and we really welcome our international readers. Year to date we have had 1938 visitors, making 8766 views. The top most posts are the welcome from our President.  Oh, what a night President’s Charity Ball page, 2018-19 events and International Page Two Soups.

Well done ladies, let’s keep making memories.

That concludes our minutes for November and as we will be celebrating Christmas at our next meeting, there won’t be any minutes for you, but please check out our activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course on the website. Or better still, try first hand and join us.

That concludes our report of the November meeting and may I and our members, wish you all a fabulous festive season, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

President Ruth


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