Coffee Morning Takes the Biscuit


Coffee mornings are a great excuse to catch up with friends over a cuppa and slice of cake, or two and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Every year since we can remember, Warsop Inner Wheel has held a coffee morning to do just that.

Tuesday 21 November 2018 was no different and 100s of visitors, members, local friends and even the radio came to support our coffee morning. Behind the scenes there are weeks of planning which includes looking at the spread of stalls attending. Each should have something different or unique to offer the visitor.

This year we had some new stalls which went down really well with our guests, and some old favourites which we didn’t manage to secure, were very much missed.

Setting up started very early on the Tuesday as stall holders and members ran back and forth from cars to stalls, dodging the November rain.

As the stall holders emptied boxes, and quickly stashed them out of sight, the first few visitors started to arrive, undeterred by the weather. For just a £3 entrance fee they received a hot drink of their choice, and a slice of cake or mince pie. Really that’s a bargain in this day and age.

Each stall holder pays a £10.00 to have a stall, nobody was disappointed and sales were great so we are told. All door takings, stall hire costs, raffle, lucky bags and refreshment takings go in to the Inner Wheel President’s Charity fund this year. At the end of her position in office, The Presdient will discuss with the Committee how it will be divided between local charities and specific local Multiple Sclerosis charities.  The John Fretwell Centre, where our coffee mornings are held, was buzzing all day with the sound of fun, friendship and fundraising.

We mentioned this year we had a few new stalls. These included the Bunny lady who makes beautiful soft gifts and toys. We had The Dressing Room who is putting the high back in to High Street fashion, we had a lady selling wooden decorations, handmade crafts and even spa treatment stalls. We even managed to get the ever popular Inner Wheel stall ‘Pam’s Jams’ with an array of pickles and pots, jams and jars, cakes and tarts on display.

We missed our usual favourites though. Sue’s Boutique and the Pluck a Duck ladies where on a well deserved holiday. But never fear, next year they will be here. We hope that they are having a wonderful holiday ladies.

We love a good idea, and two of our members decided to start selling ‘accessories and new to you’ jewellery. These items were lovingly displayed, returned to glory, and looking beautiful set out in boxes. This was a very busy stall and we hope will become a constant at the coffee mornings.

President Ruth was flying around chatting and greeting visitors. She had a few special guests arrive to join in the spirit and share a coffee and a cake. Firstly President Ruth’s mum and dad who braved the rain and dodged the spots to join her. then friends and family were our in force, as was the local Millside Radio team of Charlie and Andy.

Talking here on this clip to Charlie are Linda Elkin District 22 Chairman, President Ruth from Warsop and active member Barbara Williams from Kirkby Club. We also have Tom, Chatsworth Ward Manager, Mansfield Community Hospital speaking about the gift from Warsop Inner Wheel and what it means to receive it.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their support on this day to make it a success. Without them there would be no event for all of these wonderful people to attend, or charity gifts to be given, or radio interviews to be held.

So thank you our wonderful Warsop members.

If you fancy finding out more about what Inner Wheel does in your area, get in touch. Find out how we support women and children’s issues, and empower women to be part of our organisation which can make a difference. We are probably more like you than you think.

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