October Meeting

We always start the monthly meetings in a flurry of activity. This month was no different as we were handing out our Association magazines, Christmas meal menu choices and bags of goodies for Knit and Natter to the International Officer. We also managed to bring in a few additional conversations with the Charter Secretary, the ladies running stalls at our 20th November Christmas market, and greet out guest speakers for the evening.

It really is a lively and sometimes giddy environment. We were short of a couple of committee members due to holiday, so everyone just muddled together and that’s how we like it. Surprisingly we had a short meeting, starting at 7pm and finishing on the dot of 9pm. Everyone still lingers around for another half an hour though to carry on chatting.

I had the pleasure of welcoming our guest speaker Mr Denis Woolley and his wife Linda. Denis, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and we are very lucky he had the energy to spend the evening with us, stopping until the very end of our meeting.

We wanted someone with MS to speak rather than the ask the official charity engagement speaker, as we wanted to bring home to members the reality of living with such a life long condition. The little things we take for granted, Denis enlightened us with humour; how he over comes the challenges of numb fingers stopping him from buttoning shirts, shoes with laces are replaced with Velcro or slip on and picking coins off the table. The difficulties of ‘staggering’ in to a bar and being refused service as he ‘is already too drunk’. Thankfully he explained the land lord realised and gave him a full apology. He chuckled to himself when he recounted the realisation, that when you fall over if people laugh you’re still young. Sadly, Denis said he’s found himself in the category now where only his family laugh, while others look on with concern, putting him firmly in his ‘place as getting on in life’.

My President’s report was quite short. Working full time and having been in Los Angeles with work for 10 days, it limits the number of daytime events you can attend. But behind the scenes I’d been busy meeting with various people in preparation for our Charter next month and for our Ball.

On 11 September several members, partners and friends attend Parliament for a guided tour by no less than Friar Tuck. Seriously, our tour guide was actor Phil Rose who played the portly priest in the TV serious Robin Hood with Jason Connery. Then we met our local Member of Parliament Ben Bradley. Our Secretary Christine read out a letter from Ben, saying it was a successful visit and great to see so many of us and also wanted to update us on what he has been doing in our area.

Our Almoner Joy reported several birthdays and anniversaries, and generally we were all in good health. She also threw in a little cheeky weather report, saying we are expecting a cold spell at the weekend.

After Anne our Treasurer reported our current state of good financial health, I reminded everyone about their responsibilities to pay for charters and most importantly their club subscriptions. Some members have been lapsed in paying promptly and required extra chasing. Not something we are particularly proud of to advertise, but you have to take the rough with the smooth and club meetings are the perfect place to discuss such things as this in a safe and open forum.

Club Charity Report is always a good one, as it tells everyone what is coming up for the Club in the way of fundraising. This month we are working towards the Pie and Pea Games night on 2 November, at the Oaklands Centre, preparation for the 46th Annual Charter on 7th November, the Coffee Morning Market on 20th November and the Warsop Community Shed event 1st December. I think we are going to be quite busy!!

The room was still buzzing when Sue, our International Officer stood to present her report. Sue had attended the International lunch at Ravenshead Club. The talk was on toilet twinning and was really interesting.  There was also an appeal for Malawi, to provide carpet squares for the children to sit on.  Sue has obtained some from Damien’s Carpet Shop in Warsop and asked if any other members had tiles or squares that could be donated.  We held a collection last month for Aquabox, which made £35, with the International Fund making this up to £50 for the Kerala Appeal.

The non-Inner Wheel Business was chocka with members supporting other great organisations and arranging charity events. If you want something doing, then ask a busy person…. That’s our members for sure, always busy doing something of service for the community.

All this said we closed the meeting at 20.59…. just before 9!! If you are wondering what you could do with yourself for 2 hours once a month, why not search out your local Inner Wheel Club. I’m sure they would love to see you.

President Ruth

See you next month

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