September Meeting

Welcome to everyone to September’s meeting review, I hope you have all had a fabulous August and enjoyed reading our August minutes. Just wait, before we start…

…as of this September’s meeting there’s only 16 weeks till Christmas!! Sorry couldn’t resist it.

So this month we welcomed our speaker, Artist Julian Bray. Julian is a well-respected artist who has had his paintings displayed worldwide, many times. He gave us an informative and interesting talk, treating us to a display of several of his many and varied paintings in many different mediums, watercolours, pen and ink, collage and oils and we were amazed at the variety of his work. The talk ended with Julian encouraging us all to try art for ourselves.

The vote of thanks was given by Pat who is an artist herself and reiterated how much we had enjoyed the talk. You can find more information about Julian and see his work at

There were really only two events for me to report on in August.  The first being the Craft and Crumpet night, which I think we can say was a success. In two very short hours, we were able to prove that even if you think you aren’t creative, that you can be, when shown what to do. The bottles decorated by our ladies were gorgeous and I hope they all managed to take away something they will treasure, and a skill they will try again.

Following the success of the P theme party last year, our ladies never cease to amaze me at how well they throw themselves in to a challenge. This year we held the R Theme Party.

The event has a simple format of a faith lunch, where we all donate wonderful R themed food, and dress code is we all try to dress in something relating to or starting with R. My husband Dave was a Road Worker and I his lunch.. a ripe banana! Please check out the post on the website for the full write up about this lovely event.

This event was about having a get together, a social gathering and a bit of fun. Inner Wheel shouldn’t always be about fundraising, we need to get to know each other as we have had several new members over the last year. However, we did raise a wonderful amount that astounded us all when Treasurer Anne revealed the scores on the doors.

We welcome back Joy, our Almoner from holidays and thankfully, we are all, bar Jo our Club Correspondent in relatively good health this month. So we were able to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries.

Inner Wheel never sings loudly about their fundraising but let’s just say when Treasurer Anne revealed what was in the charity account, year to date, I was quite taken a back at the generosity we have received.

This month, Secretary Christine has the sad task of announcing that we lost two members through resignations. It is never an easy thing for anyone to do. But we have some solace that the members left for very personal reasons an nothing related to Inner Wheel. But then on the upside of every down, we have potentially gained a new member from a guest visitor this evening… let’s wait and see!

We always take things in our stride and Secretary Christine and I agreed it was a good time to remind members of Inner Wheel and Club etiquette, so she informed everyone about resignation notifications needing to go to the President and the Secretary; and nonattendance at a monthly meeting members need to inform Jen our Attendance Officer, and if you are on the Committee or hostess for the night, the President needs ot know too. Simple enough, but we felt it was an opportunity for a reminder.

There is so much coming up in the inner world of Inner Wheel, that we could write a whole website and Facebook page about what we are doing (oh we do lol). In our Club, the Vice President is also the Chair of the Charity Committee and each month Elaine gives us an update on what is coming up, and what we need to do. You can see a full list of what’s on, by going to our events page.

Sue, our International Service Officer (ISO) said that following last month’s announcement regarding Joan Green, she was delighted to receive the congratulations card from the Club and sends her thanks to President Ruth and all members.  The Police Aid Convoy have just sent off a container to Malawi and Sue hoped everyone was able to see the thank you video that was posted on Facebook from the Mother and New Born Hospital receiving baby bundles from District 22.  Have a look through our Facebook page if you haven’t seen it yet.

An email was received from District regarding the flood disaster in Kerala. The Club was asked if they wanted to contribute towards an Aqua Box to be sent from District 22. During the meeting we sent a gift bag round for anyone to contribute any loose change. This will then be added to money from the International account and sent on to District.

It looks like it will be a busy month for Sue, as she is hosting a Knit and Natter afternoon at her home one 4th October from 2pm. She also informed that she had purchased the nappies and rubber pants to replenish stocks.

This year the Warsop Christmas Market at the Shed will be on Saturday 1st December from 2pm until 5pm. This would usually be a fund raiser for the President’s Charity, but I feel very strongly that our Club’s International funds should also be built up, so we have given this over to be a fundraiser for International for this year.

We will be serving tea/ coffee / soup / sausage rolls, and soup. A board went around for helpers and soup donations. I then supported Sue and said that we really need people to help out on these kinds of events and hoped that some of our newer members or those who haven’t helped out in a while, wouldn’t mind lending a hand. I’m pretty sure we will all rally round, it’s what we do well.

With no voice, our Club Correspondent asked member Gillian to read out her report. I am pleased to say we continue to gain good coverage and support from our local papers. I say local, they have a huge circulation and readership, but local and well-loved they are. If you are in the area or go on line and look out for Warsop Inner Wheel in the CHAD, The News Journal, the Warsop and District Parish News, and Sherwood Life.

Not only is it 16 weeks to Christmas, our Charter Secretary Jean reminded everyone that there are only 9 weeks until the Charter. Meal choices, seating plans and other such stuff needed to be discussed so that the Charter Committee can get things sorted.

In any other non-Inner Wheel business member Hilary asked if we would save the date of 27th October for ‘Dog’ Race night in aid of her charity Team Edward Dog Rescue.

We started at 7 with our meal, we had our fabulous speaker entertain us for an hour, held the meeting and we were all done by 21.30. Spot on!!

Well, that is it for our September meeting. I hope you enjoyed reading my review. See you in October and don’t forget if you’re local to us, get in touch and come along. More the merrier in my book.

Have a super September everyone.

President Ruth



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