Let’s Get this Party Started

We’re setting the table and laying things out. Get the party started, we start to shout. With rumbling tums, we’re watching the clock, as the guests start arriving, we’re ready to rock.

The revelers are coming in to the hall, with giggles and laughter; you should see them all. In fancy dress costumes a sheer delight, who knew we’d have royalty, a glorious sight.

Rock stars and Romans, rainbows, and more. Roadworkers, Red ladies, ripe fruits galore.

Laid on the table are things good to eat, from raspberry pavlova, to rich roasted meat. Ready made sarnies, pork pies and treats. Let me count up the puddings all ready to eat. Risotto, radicchio, red peppers and cheese, it really looks scrumptious, eat plenty please.

The room was a buzz with music and cheer. Everyone was happy to bring their own beer. A welcome punch was given, to welcome them all, to Teversal Manor Village Hall.

At first we weren’t sure, to do this or not, but Bingo was offered and uptake was hot!! Clickety click and a quacky duck. Everyones excited, we’re chancing our luck.

The raffle was drawn and time was running out, we started the clear up, and got moving about.

Thanks to Elaine, our vice for this year, she was fantastic, a darling, a dear. For helping to sort out this party, for us. A brilliant atmosphere, a giggle and a buzz.

So please think of joining your nearest group, together with friends you’ll have such a hoot.

Thanks to our members for making today, a fun afternoon, the Innerwheel way.

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