Craft and Crumpet

Some might say that the modern-day ‘Inner Wheel’ lady can find it quite a challenge in today’s hectic and demanding world, to get a healthy work-life balance, and that goes for the retired ladies among us too. The word ‘hobby’ doesn’t often feature on our To Do lists and if it does, it probably isn’t high up there with picking up the kids, food shopping, taxi driving the grandchildren somewhere, cleaning the house etc, etc.

But let us not forget what joy can be found in DIY crafts and partaking in craft work. It may even benefit your health as the Health Benefits of Knitting report by the Knit for Peace charity found. They recently uncovered that knitting can reduce depression and even the onset of dementia. Put simply though, we need to make room for DIY crafts in your life.

crafting is my thing

Our President Ruth being a bit of a self-confessed artyfarty type, has made time and held her first craft workshop for members and friends of the club. Much delight went around the room when it was announced there would be a ‘Craft and Crumpet’ night.

Clearly excited by the thought of a little crafting 15 members attended the two hour evening workshop to learn how to decorate a bottle, with President Ruth demonstrating the workshop. Our crafters were asked to bring along an EMPTY bottle of wine with the labels removed. Being Inner Wheel ladies, you can imagine how they struggled to find this most basic of requirements!

After a welcome greeting Ruth demonstrated the first stage of painting the bottle and took questions for the excited crafters watching. Some were watching with intent and some with wide eyes trying not to miss anything. Has anyone noticed that people tend to say they aren’t creative at the start of a workshop? Well just you wait to see the results at the end of the night.

The phrase ‘I could rip a tissue’ was coined by Comedian Stu Francis back in the days of Crackerjack (I wonder how many of you shouted Crackerjack back at the screen!). But that is exactly what the crafters were learning to do. Rip a design from a three-ply napkin and stick it on a bottle. Simple really. These things usually are if someone shows you.


At 8pm the crumpet came out. As this was the round doughy bread variety, our crafters were only a little disappointed. A very big thank you goes to our kitchen helpers President Ruth’s sister Jane and her daughter Lizzie, for serving tea, crumpets and helpful loveliness all evening.

Revitalised with the cheeky crumpet treat and a cuppa, the ladies continued with their bottle decoration and I think you will agree created a few wonderful masterpieces.

This is the first craft night that Warsop has held and we think it went really well, so well that we have another one planned for March next year. All proceeds from the craft night and from the craft items put out at Club meetings each month, will go towards the Clubs charity fund in support of the many great charities, locally, nationally and internationally that we support

If you like the look of what we do at Warsop and want to join our Inner Wheel family, please get in touch and come to one of our monthly meetings. If you love what we do but don’t live in our area, go the association web page and look for your nearest district and club.


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