August Club Meeting

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I loved the changeover evening in July and as first meetings go, I hope we all enjoyed it. I’ve had a great first month. I have received much support, well wishes, cards, phone calls and already donations. It really is overwhelming and a cracking start to our year together. The main thing for me has been to enjoy it, what will be will be and so far, what will be has been incredible.

Our first event was the Warsop Carnival which is always a big event for us.  Thanks to the experience and support of the Carnival Committee each year the event is always a success and very well organised; even if it looks like organised chaos at times.  It was so much a success this year that we sold out of cakes by 3.30pm and started serving pints of cordial and fizzy drinks. Our Treasurer Anne asked me if I wanted to know what had been raised. To be honest I had totally forgotten the money side of things. I knew we’d covered our costs on the day, and well the rest was just a day making great memories.

Myself and 5 members attended the District Induction Day at a new venue, the Belfry Hotel off Junction 26. UIt was a change from the norm, and a good change.  All the usual features and some new were there.  A very successful day and well worth attending if you can in future.

It has been a busy month for sure and I managed to host a planning meeting at my home for the R Party (19 August) Committee, and with our heads together we came up with some other great events to sort out for the club to get together. So keep checking our events page for updates.

Our Almoner Joy was on holiday for the meeting, but thankfully we are all in reasonable health and we had just a few birthdays and wedding anniversaries to celebrate. Best wishes and cards were sent out.

This month we had the pleasure and company of District Chairman Linda Elkin. She came with another member of her West Ashfield Club, Maureen. Linda spoke about her very early start in Inner Wheel, attending events as a child with her mother, who was also a District Chairman. Linda then married and joined Inner Wheel in her own right. Linda is very much about trying something new this year and encouraged us all to do the same. She also brought with her the District table cloth, which is an heirloom. Instead of being stuck in a box she is taking it and other history pieces with her as she attends events and meetings. Several members donated £2 to sign the cloth, so that our names would be embroidered and become part of our history. After Vice President Elaine gave a vote of thanks to Linda, I was able to present Linda with a beautiful basket of flowers made and arranged by Christine, one of our members.

We heard from our Treasurer Anne, who confirmed the carnival had been a great success and raised a healthy sum for my MS charity. Jo, our Club Correspondent was poorly, so couldn’t make the meeting, but we’ve had some great publicity this month. New in post she’s off to a great start.

The meeting had a very healthy buzz about it and even when Immediate Past President Helen read out a formal notice from District about a new membership post on exec, it enabled good discussion and our Member of Council (MOC), Gloria was able to direct me in holding my first vote in a meeting. It’s very different when you are doing it, rather than just raising your hand to vote. Note to self must pay more attention in future. But anyway, we all agreed and our vote will be counted at the next District meeting in November.

Gloria, also updated everyone about her role and responsibilities as our District MOC, who holds this post for District on the Association Council. She encouraged everyone to attend our District meeting in November and to attend Association Conference in Cardiff in April 2019. I would agree, both these events help you learn what Inner Wheel is about. You realise you are a part of something much bigger than yourself. It really does get the inner wheels turning and makes you even more proud of what we, Inner Wheel, achieve on a national and international level.

While we are speaking of international, our International Service Officer (ISO) Sue, said she would be organising a trip to the Aquabox Charity and their warehouse in Cromford. Several members were interested and Sue is going to look at some dates. She also congratulated Joan Green volunteer for NPAC, for having a school block in Kafue, Zambia named after her. Joan is known personally by many of us and is a great friend of the club so I sent her a congratulations card.  Being a retired teacher, she has worked with this school for many years and we all think it is a great honour.

Our Vice Elaine mentioned that it is 100 years this year since the end of world war one and to coincide with National Peace day on the 21st of September the suggestion is to contact schools, care homes etc and ask if we can plant a Peace rose and place a commemorative plaque on their premises to commemorate both events and to speak to the students/residents. This will raise the profile of Inner Wheel in the local community. We all think it is a great idea and look forward to another update next month from Elaine.

As you can tell it was a fun, fun packed meeting. We are looking forward to hearing Julian Bray speak next month and greeting, we hope a new member or two. Lots to look forward to.

Happy August every one.

See you in September

President Ruth

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