25 Years Together


Every year a dedicated group of knitters from around the Warsop area, volunteer to create beautiful garments, toys and blankets. Sue Lunn, our International Service Officer and members of Warsop Inner Wheel, collate these knitted goodies, together with other donated items and put them in to baby bundles. These are then sent off to recipients in need all over the world, by Nottinghamshire Police Aide Convoy.

In May this year, Sue arranged a thank you tea for 21 ladies at The Oaklands Centre. On this day, some of the volunteers were taken for a drive around and some were taken to the local garden centre, before afternoon tea was provided by members. This annual event is a special way to say thank you for all their knitting and sewing of blankets and children’s jumpers as well as donating goods to go overseas.

Sue received a thank you letter from NPAC Charity Administrator Wanda Adams, which reads:

‘We want to take the time to sincerely thank you for your continued support and donations to our Nottinghamshire NPAC charity work. As you know, we started this work with you in 1993 to assist the refuges in the Yugoslav wars, but we moved on through the breakdown of the Eastern Block, through various natural disasters and now to deliver an enormous amount of development aid and education across Africa and Asia. Last year was typical in that we dispatched twenty-five huge truck and container loads.

We are very proud of our achievements and persistence.

I am delighted to include one of our very limited edition 25-year certificates. There will only be twenty-five of them and we are proud to include The Inner Wheel Club of Warsop amongst that wonderful team without whom, we couldn’t do what we do.

Thanks again for your generosity and support.

After tea there was a short update from Joan Green, a volunteer with the National Police Aid Convoy or NPAC. Joan (centre) thanked Warsop for supporting them from the very beginning presented Sue (Right) and President Helen Tomlinson (left) with the certificate of thanks.


Joan reminded our members and guests that containers have been sent all over the world including Zambia, Tanzania, and Syria, delivering medical supplies, school equipment and uniforms for the children. They should all be very proud of themselves. We know we are and couldn’t do this work without them.

If you would like to help out by knitting for our overseas aid, or perhaps consider joining Warsop Inner Wheel to help with this and other community projects, please get in touch

Can’t wait to see the next photo at 50 years….

2 thoughts on “25 Years Together”

  1. It was a lovely afternoon. Our knitters Do wonderful work for us and enjoy this treat every year.


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