Two Soups, Three Helpings

Many people don’t know about Inner Wheel and are always surprised at how much good we do when members explain. But essentially, we are a group of mostly like-minded ladies who try our hardest to abide by the founding values of the club and have fun doing it.

    To promote true friendship

    To encourage the ideals of personal service

    To foster International understanding

The special thing about World Inner Wheel Day, is that it is a day that members gather together to regroup and recharge their commitment to these founding values, on the same day all across the world.

This year’s World Inner Wheel day was one of our highest attended, members only events of the year, with 37 members joining International Service Officer (ISO) Sue Lunn for a faith lunch and craft session.

Unlike the hysterical ‘two soups’ sketch by Julie Walters, we had several soups, all made by members. From spicy carrot, to broccoli and stilton, through minestrone and ending with hearty vegetables. Great chunks of crusty bread and lashings of creamy butter. It’s a meal not to miss.

Desserts are a club speciality and with too many to name given in faith on the day, you can imagine that going back for seconds became thirds and fourths, and well let’s just say doggie bags were needed. Oh we also bake cakes and make jam, but then doesn’t every good ladies club?

As a group activity each year we try our hand at something different. Something that we can learn together, find hidden talents, or just realise we have no idea what we are doing, but wasn’t it fun doing it. This year Vice President Ruth gave a demonstration on decoupatch and how to liven up wooden coat hangers.

It was the first workshop that Ruth had done and to a crowd of 37 eager ladies it was initially a daunting task. But as the ladies sat around at their tables, Ruth walked off her lunch by taking 6,914 steps (yes 2.9 miles) during the session.

Decoupatch Paper transforms old to new with just a dab of glue! By using extremely thin, patterned paper. If you have ever done papier mache in the past, then you will love to decoupatch. Although developed with mache surfaces in mind, decoupatch paper can be used on plastic, wood and metal to create unique effects!

We simply tear the paper into manageable sized pieces and gently brush a layer of glue on top of your chosen surface. Next, apply this paper onto the shape, using your brush or sponge to gently flatten it out. To deepen the colour and ensure that your paper stays on, just apply a coat of varnish!

In the short time that we had to learn the craft the ladies created some wonderful designs on hangers. It was also great to see all members sharing their time with each other and helping those less dexterous to achieve a beautiful crafted piece to take home.

The raffle was wonderfully bulging with gifts to the point that some member just couldn’t choose. Some members were drawn out several times, but in true good hearted Inner Wheel style, we drew again…. And again… and again… until someone who hadn’t already won got a prize.

If you are interested in learning more about World Inner Wheel Day, Inner Wheel and would like to find a club near you visit:

Join Warsop Inner Wheel

Where is my nearest District 22 Club?

Is there a club near me?


2 thoughts on “Two Soups, Three Helpings”

  1. A fabulous day was had by all – thanks to Vice President Ruth for the instruction on decoupatch and how to liven up wooden coat hangers – much fun, friendship and laughter x


  2. We had a wonderful crafty day , with lots of good food, great fellowship, lots of laughs and good fun, just how it should be, thanks to Ruth and the suppliers of food, just lovely


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