Charming 45th Charter for 2017

45 years ago, the Inner Wheel Club of Warsop was born. Formed in 1972 by 12 founder members, all of whom lived and worked in the local area. Today Warsop continues to be a healthy, exciting and vibrant club with over 40 members. All very much active within the Club and within the community, one way or another.


Each year the Charter is managed and coordinated by our Charter Secretary Jean Nock. An absolute guru, font of knowledge and adept at keeping both Presidents and Vice Presidents on track, as they plan the birthday celebrations.

Jean has been a superb example to our newer members, contributing so much to the Club by her faultless organisation of the Clubs Charter. This year she has expertly guided and educated President Helen and Vice President Ruth about the foundation elements of what a charter is, the need for formalities, the Inner Wheel traditions and encouraged them to take the Helen’s vision and to make the event special.

The Club’s Almoner Christine Parkin, is also President Helen’s mum. Over the last 18 months, Christine has been lovingly creating cross stitch needle and tissue cases for each member to take away as a special and unique momento of her daughter’s charter and first year as a President of Inner Wheel. The family as are we, are so proud of Helen.

This year President Helen wanted bling within a budget. She wanted something with sparkle, and that is exactly what she achieved. Our members Sue Pasierb and Christine Fretwell produced simple yet very elegant, gypsophila arrangements giving them an extra sparkle for the evening. Also known as ‘baby’s breath’ these beautiful centre pieces were a fitting tribute to the birth of President Helen’s first granddaughter, born just days before the charter. Well done to the proud parents, grandparents and great grandparents, from your Inner Wheel family and friends.

Secretary Sue carried out the roll call, before the traditional candle lighting ceremony was performed by Past President Gloria lighting the candle to the Past; President Helen lighting the candle to the Present and member Janine Beech lighting the candle to the Future. Our new International Service Officer Sue Lunn lit the candle for International.

Hilary Taylor said grace. A grace that had been written by her friend Rev. John Burgess, specially for the occasion:

As ladies of Warsop we gather here,
and give thanks to God for another year.
Let us enjoy the glorious array,
which he has provided for our Charter day.
But O Lord, we will not forget the others there are,
for whom everyday may be a struggle too far. Amen

105 guests from the Club, members of Inner Wheel, Warsop Ladies Probus, Rotary and Helen’s family attended the Charter, held at the Hostess Restaurant. As ever, the Hostess provided the Club with a great service and beautiful food. The most challenging part of the Charter is sorting the seating plan. It isn’t always possible to sit with someone you know well at a Charter, but in the true spirit of Inner Wheel and to promote true friendship people mix and get to know those friends they haven’t yet met. We hope everyone enjoyed their table and the charter evening as much as we enjoyed planning it for you.

Helen’s husband Neil Tomlinson had the honour of delivering the loyal toast, before District Chairman Vera gave greetings from District 22. During her speech she identified some of the ways in which Warsop Club has contributed to the area, and given their support to local organisations including Warsop Sporting Trust and the Oaklands Centre.

President Cliff Elliott, from The Rotary Club of Warsop, Shirebrook and District brought greetings from the Club and was accompanied on the top table by his wife and Warsop Inner Wheel Past President Judy.

The International Band played for half an hour, sharing some of the amazing music they perform each week at the International Church in Mansfield Woodhouse, of which Helen is a member. The vocals were fantastic and the three-piece band provided an amazing finale to the evening.


With little left of the evening, Vice President Ruth thanked President Helen on behalf of members of the club for a beautiful evening, and thanked her for being a very special friend. Helen and Ruth met at school 36 years ago and have committed to an Inner Wheel journey together. Ruth presented Helen with a stunning basket arrangement from the Club, full of cream flowers and sparkle.

Association Past President Jean Moulson delivered an inspirational vote of thanks on behalf of all the members at the Charter. President Helen delivered her heartfelt thanks to the guests, members of her family and Inner Wheel for making her dream of a Charter come true.

Thanks to Colin Nock who produced the evenings photography.






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