Potty about Pots

Visitors to The Glazey Place in Mansfield have all sorts of reasons for wanting to paint pottery. From one-off gifts and celebration plates, to learning to be more creative or simply having a fun time. As members from Warsop found out, you really do not need any artistic skills to paint pottery. Quite the reverse. But we do know how to have fun.

glasey building

Painting pottery is a creative, relaxing and fun activity. So much so that is was recommended by many of our Warsop Club members, having been some years before. President Helen happily organised an event and invited members to join her again at the Glazey Place. Sue, the owner and Hannah her daughter really looked after our nine members who attended to paint a pot on 20 September. They gave us much needed encouragement, tea and coffee whilst we were producing our creations. They really did help bring out the artists in us.

Firstly, we chose an item of pottery from a very extensive range of over 100 different pieces from mugs to monsters and plates to penguins. The minimum spend was £8, plus £2 for the glazing. We then were directed to paint it however we liked.

Sue explained what we would do and how to use different layers of paint to create effects. We found a little bit of patience with a brush and surprised ourselves with what could be achieved in our short evening session. The Glazey Place is Mansfield’s first and only paint your own pottery studio. It has recently moved, and is now situated in the heart of the town, a stone’s throw from Mansfield market place. It is the perfect place to entertain big kids or members, as they are more commonly referred to.

The location was lovely, very comfortable for an autumn evening in a bright, welcoming studio. Whenever we were stuck for ideas there was always help on hand with Hannah making suggestions and Sue helping out by correcting a few painting mishaps.

We took along nibbles and treats; but to be honest we were that busy painting and creating we forgot to eat. We enjoyed hots drinks and managed to eat a few chocolates. Christine, our Almoner made everyone a supper-time sandwich snack which Club Correspondent Ruth took home to have with a cuppa, as she had come straight from work to the pottery event.

There were plenty of oohs and aaahhs in the room as we put paint to paint brush and created out master pieces. It was lovely that our newest members from Newark came to join us, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other better.


Loving all things bling, Helen chose to create something a little bit sparkly. Sue advised that Helen should add a certain type of paint to her yellow star bow. As Helen began painting, the beautiful yellow bowl, turned in to a sludgy dark grey. There was suddenly a lot of urghs and harrumphs coming from President Helen’s side of the table. Leaving for the evening, Helen wasn’t feeling the love for her work of art.

Christine, also fancied a little bit of sparkle but chose gold. Having checked that there was enough gold sludge to apply, she began. But just towards the end and having applied several layers, Christine ran out of paint. But luckily, Sue rescued the day, ordered some more paint and promised to finish off the gaps for her before firing.

Josephine first tried gold bits on her butter dish, then changed her mind and had them removed. She was very industriously painting away and even wrote on her pot. Marjorie painted a lovely delicate flower pot and Lesley, found her very own Nemo. Sue couldn’t make it and sadly had to cancel at the last minute so Olivia, Helen’s daughter stood in. Olivia created two beautiful mugs for Ed’s birthday, as a surprise from their son Arthur.

Both Mary and Ann were very busy nattering to Lesley and artistically painting a breakfast bowl and a nibbles platter without much need for inspiration. Ruth created a fancy tea pot, which everyone was intrigued to see how it would turn out.

On Wednesday 04 October, the big reveal was made. Only Ruth knew what her pot looked like as she had collected them from the pottery. Everyone else’s pots had been wrapped. So as part of her President’s report, Helen gave out the packed pots.

Here goes the before and after glazing photos:

Potty about plants – Marjorie

Forever now newly nicknamed ‘Nibbles’, here is Ann with her nibbles plate

Holy holly Helen with her Christmas goodies – happy Helen with her shiny bowl

Our Cereal filler Mary, with her breakfast bowl

Tea Potty praise from members

And last but not least Lesley with her little Nemo

A few members were not able to attend the unveiling,so we didn’t capture all the photographs of the finished work. But we also very pleased to say that Olivia’s mugs, Christine’s Christmas bowl and Josephine’s butter dish also turned out to be fabulous.

We had a fantastic evening. It was a shame that not many of the club members could make it but those who did, will be singing the praises of Sue and Hannah at the Glazey Place for months to come. We highly recommend you have a go at this fun and creative pass time.

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