P.P.P. Pick up a Penguin

The P Themed Party, held by Warsop Club on 20 August was certainly well planned, we were all very much prepared and we certainly had a fantastic performance from the member, family and friends who attended.

The highlight of the organisers day was made by two ladies in particular. Whilst on the phone, walking up and down outside the venue the Club Correspondent Ruth R, dressed as a ‘pick your own’ Strawberry, was making a last-minute request for International Service Officer Sue to bring cling film. Not an unusual sight you might think, but then a penguin and a pirate walked around the corner.


Quickly dashing inside ‘Pick your own strawberry’ went to find the Pop Star, Pocahontas and Lady Penelope to view the scene. From then onwards, the room was awash with colour and hilarity all afternoon.

The Charity

The main question we have been asked about this event is why P themed. Well, President Helen’s chosen charity this year is Autism East Midlands or AEM; their logo is pink and purple.


As a leading autism charity, AEM exist to ensure people with autism can live their lives with dignity, choice and independence. Autism East Midlands was started on the initiative of a group of parents in 1968. Today they are still led by the parents and friends of people with autism. Autism is a complex, life-long disability which affects the development of communication, social and life skills.

The Party

Whilst we could have had a pink themed party or a purple themed party, we felt that other charities had those colour schemes covered. So, we threw down the gauntlet to our members, and said ‘pick your own P’.

And they certainly did. Including our peachy President, we had an abundance of patterns, pinks, purples, plums, puffin aprons, panama hats, pink cummerbunds and a psychedelic pop star.


We also pulled out all the P’s with a perfect faith picnic. Pork pies, pizza, plates of sandwiches, prawn salad, pasta salad, roasted peppers, pate, du pain, ‘plenty’ of cheese, pretzels, party nibbles, pickled onions, pork loin, roasted potatoes and pork sausage rolls; to name some of the main course.

Desserts, well again our ladies excelled themselves. Pavlova….and we had plenty of pavlovas which we all loved. We also had pies, profiteroles, a peach trifle, chocolate cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and chocolate roll. But whether the dessert was P or not to P, we had plenty of them, perfectly presented or placed on a ‘plate’.

On arrival, President Helen presented guests with a welcome drink of either Prosecco or Punch. Before getting everyone seated there was much chatter around the room and again, high pitched giggles as people realised each other’s P themed outfit, or simply watched our Penguin, Ruth B, waddle around the room greeting friends trying not to pock an eye out with her beak and hug with her big floppy, flappy wings.

Refreshments served and the room tidied, the P Quiz began. Mr Parsons was our quiz master and after realising the quiz wasn’t University Challenge or Mastermind, he settled in to some tricky pronunciations and impromptu one liners to entertain the quizzlers.

25 questions later, and a tie breaker, we pronounced Sue, Graham and Elaine as our P Party Quizzlers. They were presented with a pretty pink P trophy and a round of applause.


Next was the tongue twister round which Mr Parsons delivered with ease. Members had to quickly work out how many P’s were in the full version of the rhyme Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. And for which we presented our winner Jo with a bottle of Prosecco.

Whilst we had everyone’s attention, we drew the prized present raffle. As ever on these events our members are always generous and provided some fantastic perfumes, flavour candles, and mystery wrapped presents.

We also wanted to say a big thank you to Tesco as every little did help raise money, with their donation of picnic items including a sphere of pink picnic crockery, two picnic tables and a picnic blanket. Sainsbury’s donated a Purple plush cushion, a Pot Pourri of peonies, and a purple glass and gold candle. Pleasures of Living and Brambles Florist donated a set of pretty pig ornaments and a beautiful peace lily. Beauty.com donated a voucher for a reduced treatment, which we placed with a stunning box set of Champneys toiletries. All in all, we had 16 wonderful prizes to give out.


As with all good parties, once the washing up has been done and the raffle drawn, things come to a natural end. So, before we left for the day we gathered together everyone for a photo.


Some members then went to walk around the garden and orchard of past member Janet Marples, we sadly lost to cancer earlier this month. The party was held at Teversal Manor Rooms, which opens on to Janet’s garden. It was a lovely way to end the day and a fitting tribute to a lovely lady.


The Committee

A big thank you to those ladies who joined the planning committee, some for the first time. Initially people were a little shy in coming forward. One of our new members said ‘I didn’t think I’d be able to offer much, but I did and I loved it’. Another member said they wanted to help but couldn’t ‘do the running around’. Well ladies you all contributed, and you were great. The event was perfect, the people were amazing and the planning, well we can only get better and better with all your input and working together. Just remember – Preparation and planning prevents poor performance, or something like that.

Next year Vice President Ruth has decided this was such a lovely event, that she will be planing something similar, but perhaps with an R theme…. what do you think?

3 thoughts on “P.P.P. Pick up a Penguin”

  1. Great coverage of a really lovely afternoon full of laughter and friendship with friends and family.
    A great little gathering to pronounce President Helens year off to a flying start 💗


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