Induction, Introductions and the Nerves

The great thing about taking on a committee role in a Club is that you realise you are not on your own. Especially so, when you agree to something as exciting as being President or Vice President. It is still nerve wracking, but everyone is so supporting; and most of our members have already been there done it, and look back on thier time with fondness; so there is  always lots of friendly advice and support on offer.

‘Friends are like a good bra; supportive, hard to find, and always close to the heart!’

There is no better place to realise you are far from alone with your nerves, than to attend the induction evenings, run by the District Executive. Each Committee member is invited  to attend an induction evening meeting, relevant to their role.

In previous years, the induction day and district meeting have been held on one day. But this year, with a little tweak, the meetings have been split across two days. The induction is now in the evening, and the lunch and District Meeting are in the afternoon.

For the induction evening, at seven fifteen sharp, everyone had been efficiently signed in, comfortably seated, and was supping an Inner Wheel brew. This year the District Executives have four new ladies on their team, to host inductions including the Editor, Secretary, and two ladies from our very own Warsop Club as Treasurer (Elaine) and Member of Council (Gloria).

Chairman Vera, welcomed and led the Presidents and Vice Presidents meeting. It was a lovely address and Vera spoke about her role as District Chairman and her wishes for the year, to be full of fun. She also spoke briefly about her own nerves, changing things and how supported she felt by her own club and committee. Never one to miss out on a little fun or change, Helen and Vice Ruth thought long and hard and agreed whole heartedly to buy in to Vera’s wishes.

President Helen said of the Induction meeting ‘it was a lovely evening and very reassuring to find that Ruth and I are not the only first timers at the helm of a Club. During the Presidents meeting there was plenty of discussion around how to promote the Clubs and gain not just members, but acknowledgement for Inner Wheel as a whole.’ These meetings are great for sharing and asking ‘stupid questions’. You realise that you’re not the only one who doesn’t know where the Health and Safety forms are for risk assessing events; or how best to cost effectively get in touch with other Clubs and discuss what methods other Clubs use at their meetings to encourage members to attend charters and other such events.

Within a couple of hours, all meetings were finished and the friendship rolled out of the meetings in the Post Mill foyer, where many groups of ladies stopped to chat and catch up with friends from other Clubs before see them again at the Induction Lunch at Eastwood Hall, a few days later.

The Induction lunch and business meeting is a special day for all of us as we see one Chairman pass on the baton to another. This year, now Past District Chairman Di Hylton, handed over to now, President Vera Dilks. It was a lovely meeting, with all members of the Executive Committee presenting their reports to the Clubs.

After a sort ‘comfort break’ and a suprise big raffle prize collection, we returned to business for the District meeting.

In the meeting, we were reminded that as a President and as Chairman, each year the new incumbent will carry out their duties in their own style. Our gracious Vera was no different, choosing to entertain the audience with some impromptu ‘quick nobody noticed’ stylised incidents. Vera did a marvellous job and the meeting was a resoundingly fun and successful event.

Whilst the Reports are informative and interesting, all anyone ever really wants is to be picked to second the report. Voting name cards across the room are raised within Nano seconds of the committee member’s report being completed. Club Delegates could be seen frantically waving their name cards around just to get President Vera’s attention. There is very often a little cheer when someone is picked out. It’s the little things that make the day fun.

‘Pick me.’ – ‘No pick me.’ – ‘No me!’


Immediate Past District Chairman Di, gave a heartfelt speech about raising awareness of Inner Wheel. We at Warsop fully support that message and shout it out loud and proud, about who we are and what we do in our Club. This year sadly we saw one club in the district close. Di encouraged every member to be vigilant not to let this happen again. Inner Wheel is known for its fantastic membership and the fun we have. We live by the message our Warsop Founder Members tell new members when they join.

‘Inner Wheel is what you make it.
You get out what you put in’

So, from the President and Vice President who joined Inner Wheel Warsop just over three years ago, we intend to put a lot in to make it fun, and make it fabulous because our Club is fantastic; thanks to every member who has ever put in their voluntary time and services over the past 45 years.


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