International Send Off (ISO)


On Tuesday 23 May, I hosted the last Knit and Natter of the Inner Wheel year, my final one of the three years I have been International Service Officer (ISO).

Everyone, as always, was very busy compiling Baby Bundles, ladies Joy Bags, and this time we managed to pull in a few children’s Toy Bags as well. We also sorted out all the children’s clothing, the jewellery for the Joy Bags and tidied up the stamps.

It was such a lovely afternoon, with teamwork, lots of chatter and laughter. I felt a little sad, if I am honest hosting this final Knit and Natter, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three years searching for bargain nappy cream, face cloths, toothpaste etc.

We lovingly put the Baby Bundles together, and listening to the ladies cooing and aahhing over the contents makes me realise what a special group of ladies we have. Each Baby Bundle the ladies give a name too, and imagine where it will end up in the world.

The ladies Joy Bags, we always try to colour coordinate the contents scarves, belts, jewellery and hope the ladies love them as much as we do. I’m very proud of the support that we provide through this group.

Our wonderful knitters have donated the most amazing of jumpers, cardigans, dresses, hats and booties over the years. I marvel at how talented they all are.

The children’s Toy Bags are not something we get many donations for, so we only produce them once or twice a year when stocks are high enough. It is great sorting out colouring books, pencils, pencil cases, hats, gloves, toys, cuddly toys, and practical goodies like toothpaste and tooth brushes, tissues, soaps and flannels.

We end our sessions with tea and homemade cake. A time to reflect on the bundles and bags we have created. The hopes we have for our recipients and marvel at how much we can get done when we work together.

I am honoured and grateful to have had the pleasure of being ISO for our wonderful Club and wish Sue Lunn who is taking over the role every success.


3 thoughts on “International Send Off (ISO)”

  1. Christine has done a wonderful job as our ISO for three years, and all the members have enjoyed working together, collecting goods and knitting for those in need overseas. Thank you Christine and good luck To Sue Lunn, we look forward to working with you too.


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