Crafty Ladies

Whether you want to learn to upcycle, shabby-chic, make a card, flower arrange, stick stuff on something, there is just about every type of video, podcast or blog available to look at on the web, or on Facebook and Pinterest; you’d think there was no need to actually go and meet people to get crafty. But we do and we love it.

Did You Know Crafting is Good for Your Health? Studies show that crafting can help ease stress, increase happiness, and improve your health. We couldn’t agree more!!  Perhaps we should request that Inner Wheel membership will be prescribed on the NHS.

On Saturday 14 May, six members of Warsop Club and many more from across District 22, spent the day at the Inner Wheel Club of Bolsover Craft Day. Each year we turn up with no idea what we will make, but knowing we will make new friends and something to take home and talk about.

Table 1 – Christmas Bird Mobile.

Table 2 – Birthday Card.

Table 3 – Gift Tags.

Table 4 – Embroidery Ring Clock

The ladies of Bolsover start preparing for this day, as soon as Christmas is over. This preparation and planning is evident in the smooth running of the day. A selection of homemade soups and bread, followed by apple pie and custard kept the crafty ladies energised, before tea and cakes at 3pm.

For the past 12 years (possibly even 13!!) the ladies of Bolsover have entertained the inner child in us. We’ve been sticky with glue, splashed paint up our arms, torn up bits of paper, made cards, sparkly jewellery and create gifts. We’ve also eaten cake, homemade soup, drank tea and coffee, laugh a lot and enjoy good company.

Ladies, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to craftyness, and we celebrate another fantastic event drawing to a close. If only we had some homemade bunting and a shabby-chic flags to wave you off…. Next year perhaps!!



One thought on “Crafty Ladies”

  1. A brilliant day as always with the Bolsover Club. Thank you to all their members for the lovely lunch and the Crafty Ideas, a great day xx


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