Do Lots in Notts – Conference 2017

You know what they say. Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad. Other things just make you swear and curse. But when you’re chewing on life’s gristle, don’t grumble, give a whistle! It’ll help things simply turn out for the best….sooooooo

Always look on the bright side of life

Inner Wheel members can always look on the bright side of life! and have even more reason to smile and shout out loud. As Nottingham City life was certainly not rotten, and there was nothing that had been forgotten at this year’s Annual Association Conference.

We all had a laugh and smile and dance and sing; and doubt anyone was feeling in the dumps. Conference ran from 03 April to 05 April 2017 and was held in Nottingham, our very own District 22. Our members could not have been any prouder of Chairman Di as she stood representing us all on the stage and throughout the conference.

10 Warsop Inner Wheel ladies attended for the full conference with a further five attending on the Tuesday. A fine turn out again ladies; and we are already looking forward to, and planning for Bournemouth next year.

What better way to start off the day than photo’s with the dashing Robin Hood. We were literally falling over ourselves to be his Maid Marion.

So as not to feel left out, we got ourselves our very own Robin who kept us entertained throughout the event.


President Zena was a welcome sight as she came on to the stage dancing to the Monty Python ‘always look on the bright side of life’. Perfect start and a perfect tune for President Zingy, Zany Zena to open up the conference.  She clearly was setting the tone for us all to have fun.


Conference Committee Chairman Margaret looking for the many District 22 ladies in the audience. They were quite a few and spread out – so we made a lot of noise, just so she would know we were there supporting her.


Councillor Jackie Morris, the current Sheriff of Nottingham followed and gave a welcome address to the 2,091 ladies, and the few gentlemen in audience. President Oluyemisi Alatise then addressed the conference and remained with us until the conference closed. Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland President Eve Conway spoke of the great connection between our two organisations.

Andrew Radford from B-eat, President Zena’s charity for this year, spoke of the great work Inner Wheel members were doing for their worthy charity, before handing over to B-eat ambassadors who presented their own heart breaking stories, and their relationship with eating disorders.

The audience could not wait to meet the Canine Partners key speaker. Well actually to see her dog May, but the speakers were very much appreciated and clearly demonstrated the hard work and determination required to train these fantastic animals; who support people with disabilities and assist them with their continued independence.

A presentation and demonstration by Goalball athletes was brilliant to see and we hope to watch more of these girls in action, as they are now working towards the next Paralympics.

Our first guest speaker was John McCarthy, CBE. Who recounted for us his time in captivity. We captured the moment John realised he was talking to a packed house.

Our Warsop members attended a wonderful evening dinner, at the Corinthian before splitting in to three groups to either retire early in preparation for the next day, hit the town or attend the Conference entertainment of The Classic Buskers.


On the Wednesday, President Gloria sat with other voting delegates, leaving members to sort themselves out. We all sat together and waited with anticipation for the reports to be read, fundraising figures to be shared, and proposal discussions to commence. Three members of our Club spoke to the conference; along with two other members of District 22.

Our Club Vice President Helen and Junior Vice Ruth were taken hostage and held at arrow point by ickle Robin, and forced to give money to the poor Doughnut shop keeper. Who, in return, gave them a coffee and a peanut butter and jam treat. It was a sticky situation but they made it back in time for the third and final session.

The final afternoon session was so full of laughter, our sides were aching when we left at 4pm. A young lady called Lydia Slack had the audience in hysterics, with her dead pan delivery of life growing up on a farm, and having parents at ‘an awkward age’.

It was great to see Past President Trish, return to the stage one final time and together President Zena and Trish further entertained their audience. Our new Association Officers were introduced and the Bevox Choir completed the day’s entertainment with more fun and friendship.

Robin loved the Bevox Choir as much as we did; he just wanted to boogie and we just could not help singing along. You may wish to turn off the volume. We won’t be offended.

Then for the finale, the District 7 Choir joined together with the Bevox Choir and we all sang together. You might want to turn the volume back up now.

With some trepidation, members returned to their rooms and prepared for the final night entertainment at Pryzm nightclub ‘in town’. Yes, we went out out!!

But before, we met in President Gloria’s room for pre-out out drinks. Members who attended gave Gloria a beautiful Inner Wheel Scarf and heart shaped brooch. President Gloria always keeps our group organised, ontime, well fed and fun filled. We thanked her and raised a cheeky glass of fizzle in her honour.

Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, the dance floor at Pryzm was absolutely packed, both to the entertainment and for the DJ. Whilst it is never truly possible to share the energy of conference, we hope this short report has given you a flavour of what you missed on and helped you to feel part of the proceedings.

The next video would have been a longer, but our Warsop Club Correspondent was spotted and asked to get down off the podium by the bouncer!! Thankfully nobody filmed that one; more is the pity.

Thank you to all our members who attended, we missed those who had to pull out at short notice and we thank those who organised this event, both in our club, district and association level for providing yet another cracking and very memorable Conference.

So ladies, don’t be silly chumps, just purse your lips and whistle, that’s the thing and always look on the bright side of life… Bournemouth here we come. Come on!

Here are a few shots from around Nottingham, in the quiet of early morning before over 2,000 Inner Wheel members stepped out through their hotel room doors.


3 thoughts on “Do Lots in Notts – Conference 2017”

  1. Ruth, thanks once again – just one correction- CONFERENCE. We all had a great time and I was thrilled with it all (as I always am), but friends gathering together is wonderful,. See you next week. I have put in my report that you are giving a report about Rally, and Joanne is giving her take on her first Conference. Luv Gloria xx


  2. Once again Ruth – well done – fabulous story telling, left nothing out and amazing photos too……………where did we find you xx


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