Just B-EAT it!

When you think of someone with an eating disorder, what image or phrases come to mind immediately? No doubt for most of us, it will be a very thin and usually, young female. Someone we think of as ‘painfully thin’ or ‘in need of a good dinner’. But do any of us really know what an eating disorder is, and how do we spot the signs in others; and ourselves.

Over 725,000 men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders.

Eating disorders are a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. They are serious mental illnesses and yes, they do include anorexia, bulimia as we all probably know; but this serious mental illness also includes Binge Eating Disorder (BED), emotional overeating, Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) and disordered eating/eating problems

Although serious, eating disorders are treatable conditions and full recovery is possible. The sooner someone gets the treatment they need, the more likely they are to make a full recovery. Thankfully many of us will never experience, or knowingly experience this illness or know someone with it; but that hasn’t stopped us wanting to help.

Our Association President Zena Coles has chosen BEAT for her Charity this year. One of her charity events was to ask that we all take part in a walk, wearing silly socks to raise awareness and funds for this worthy charity.

The B-eat website was funded by the Amy Winehouse Foundation. So we did and as always had a fantastic time.

Warsop's Wacky Walkers.jpgDespite the many hundreds who attended Park Run before us, you couldn’t miss us.

On Friday 03 March 2017, our members looked out of the window as the cold, wet weather and thought of our sister clubs, many of whom were walking in the East Midlands that day in that weather. We all, I’m sure said a quiet word and prayed for better weather on the very next day, as Warsop was due to walk 5 miles around Clumber Park, raising awareness in our area.

Adorned with our silly socks, accompanied by some of our husbands, and dogs suitably tethered we set off around the beautiful lake. Leading the walk from the front all the way around were Helen, Neil and Elaine. Elaine was well equipped for this her first training carrying her rucksack. We wish her well for later in the year, as she embarks upon Hadrian’s Wall for a sponsored walk raising money for the Nottinghamshire Hospice.


This walk was a total group effort with all ages and fitness abilities taking part. That also covers some of the dogs who came with us too.


We waved ‘see you later’ to Marjorie and Ann, as we continued our walk around the Lake. Clearly Elaine and Stuart hadn’t told Harvey that he was nine years old; he proceeded to run the rest of the walk like a young pup.


The group naturally settled in to small groups to accommodate their walking style and speed preferrences. Club Correspondent Ruth could have done with being told she’s not nine as she proceeded to run between the groups to get photographs of everyone in action. Just see how fast those long legs went!! (right click on the video and select play speed – ludicrous)


With silly socks a blur, the more energetic amongst us surged ahead. Little did we realise it was to grab a coffee half way around. But we’ll let them off, they’ve earned it. Also thirsty were Hilary and Steve’s chocolate labs, Elena and Marley who wouldn’t help but cool off at the first opportunity.

Plenty of people were asking what we were doing. Not because we were walking the lake edge, but because of our silly socks. Great idea Zena it really did draw some attention and you can see why.

Superwoman President Gloria, vitrually flew round, with the aid of her super socks.

We couldn’t have wished for a better day after the dreadful weather on Friday. We had crisp winds, bright skies and beautiful scenery to help us around.

We all walked and talked, talked and walked, sat and chat, walked some more. If only we had known we had an expert on the Church as Clumber, amongst our group we could have asked for a walk and talk from Hilary. Here are just a few of the beautiful scenes and colours we had the privileged to see. We are very lucky to have this park on our doorstep.



We were also lucky to see three of our members,Helen, Jen and Julia coming in the other direction. They’d arrived after we had started so decided to meet us coming around. Time for a quick photo opportunity and group sock shot.

With the end in sight, the main group of Warsop Walkers headed onwards, and waved Helen, Jen and Julia off on their walk around the lake in the opposite direction.

As Tom Jones once said ‘ it’s not unusual…’ to find a café and cake involved in an Inner Wheel activity; today was no exception.

We’d made it around the Lake in good time before heading off for a lunch being prepared for us by Sue’s husband Rob, and ably assisted by Christine’s husband John and Anne’s husband Phil. A few more photographs before we headed back to the car.


Sue and Rob, as always were the perfect hosts, providing a welcome to all the weary walkers. A cheeky glass of sparkle was waiting for us on arrival, before we were given the choice of seafood paella, cottage pie or turkey tart; all with roasted veg. Followed by apple tart, rhubarb crumble and custard, or fruit salad.

These events are made very special by our members and their husbands, who together demonstrate our Club’s values. Gloria gave a very big thank you on behalf of the members there today, for his superb cooking and for donating towards the B-eat charity.

We would like to thank Zena for giving us the opportunity to be involved in this event at the start of national eating disorders awareness week.  We hope that anyone who suffers or knows someone who may be suffering, an use the links on this page to get help for themselves or their loved ones.

Links can be found within the post or as follows:

B-eat  Helpline 0808 801 0677 Youthline 0808 801 0711

NHS Choices  – eating disorders




4 thoughts on “Just B-EAT it!”

  1. Thanks Ruth – fabulous photos xx Hope we have done our “bit” for this worthwhile charity however I have to say……….no-one had a problem with an eating disorder on Saturday afternoon !!

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  2. It was the best £5 lunch I have ever had. The food was amazing thanks to Resident Chef Rob. Our Club certainly did it’s bit, raising lots of cash for a very worthwhile Charity. Thanks to all who supported.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love the article, great piece and was glad that the Inner Wheel Club of Warsop had the better weather than the other District 22 clubs at East Midlands Airport. However, we did have a good time. Thank you Ruth, I felt I was there from your write up and photographs. Let us hope that beat is now known to a wider public from our efforts.

      Liked by 1 person

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