Bag Ladies? Us? Yes!!!

There wasn’t much knitting going on today, but plenty of nattering; especially when the Christmas cake came out with mature cheese and a cup of tea. Never before have our bag ladies moved so quickly. But I think you already know what we Inner Wheel members are like for cake and a cuppa. Here are today’s wonderful ‘bag ladies


It is thanks to the Romans and the discovery of Pompeii in the 18th century that we stopped having thigh bags – yes literally bags attached to our thighs to hold our personal posessions. All things Greek and Roman became fashionable, in a movement called Classicism. Dresses became straighter and the waistlines moved upwards. There was no room for a thigh bag under these delecate simple dresses. Contents of the thigh bag moved to a ‘reticule’; hand made from all kinds of fabric, and carried on a cord or chain. The first hand bags were born.

What do you look for when you buy a handbag? Something functional, personal perhaps a statement piece. Maybe something to express yourself or simply the must have lastest fashion accessory?

Many of us, own many bags of all shapes and sizes. We think nothing of chopping and changing the contents of one day bag to another, or selectively picking items, the little gems we need to keep with us in a slinkly evening clutch.

But for some women, these bags we take for granted are a luxury and as they are not essential to life, they are a very low priority. Today, 13 members of Warsop Inner Wheel met to put together baby bundles and goody bags. In total 32 goodie bags were put together from charitable and donated items. These bags will be presented to the Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convey (NPAC) to take to a range of disaster and war torn areas.

Here is what we do: First we ask our members to donate bags in good condition that have a zip fastening. This is very important as during shipping anything not sealed in could potentially fall out and be lost.

We select a bag from the pile and if it’s a small bag, we put it with a larger day bag. There is then a small line of pick and packing that takes place. In to each bag we put a fresh towel and face cloth, a packet of tissues, a notebook and pen. A hair brush or comb, hand lotion, body wash, hair conditioner and shampoo; soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Just a few essentials; then we add a few luxury items which include a scarf, fashion jewellery (necklace, bangles etc), some slippers (the type left out for you in hotels), a little bit of make up and or any thing else we have had donated such as a sewking kit, or gloves.

These are just a few that we tried to colour coordinate together. In these bags socks were included as a little extra.

But today wasn’t just about the bags. Some of the members put together baby bundles and others were sewing knitted squares together to make baby blankets, others sorted stamps and some picked out jewellery to go in the bags.


At our next knit and natter session, we will be sorting and cutting stamps. Watch out for the dates and times of the meeting.


Our International Officer Christine, is also going to send off with NPAC some oversized cuddly toys and some knitted hats and gloves. Both are a much needed gift at this time of year.








One thought on “Bag Ladies? Us? Yes!!!”

  1. A great afternoon, baby bundles, joy bags, knitting, cutting stamps,helping others less fortunate, with welcome tea and cakes to finish. A lovely way to spend a cold and miserable afternoon. President Gloria


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