How the site works

Welcome to the News and Views section of the website. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Before you move on if you are not familiar with using the internet, we thought this little helper might be of use to you.

In Friendship, Ruth Riches, Warsop Club Correspondent

Anything with an underlined in the text is a link that will take you away from the page you are currently reading to either another page on this website or opening in another page, a link to an associate web page, something of interest or charity page. On any navigation panel (to the left) where you see a drop down arrow, this indicates there are more things of interest to read. Simply click the arrow (V) and voila information is at your fingertips.

The welcome page is somewhere for you to be directed to when you search for our website. Once on the site you can use the navigation and sign posting on the left of the screen (or if you are on a mobile device it will be in the drop down menu, indicated by a block of three horizontal lines).

In this section, News and Views you will find out about what the club has been doing in recent past events. If you want to leave a comment there is a facility at the bottom of each post.

Warsop Club gives you an intoduction message from our current president and then each page after this you can find out about future events, upcoming meetings how to join etc.

The International Service Committee section is dedicated to the great work of our International Service Offices and specifically any events that come under them.

Finally, About Inner Wheel will tell you all you need to know about our Association history,  our founders and give you links to relevant further reading pages.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we do and any feedback you wish to give on how to improve or articles to write about, please let the Club Correspondent know by sending a feedback comment below or emailing

One thought on “How the site works”

  1. Hello Ladies – I am sure you will find this page on our website most interesting…………………………it gives us step by step guide to using it – well done Ruth – good idea


    In Friendship


    Secretary Warsop Inner Wheel


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