In Memory of Past Members


Every year the ladies of Warsop Inner Wheel honour past members, sadly no longer with us, but always in our hearts. The Club places flowers in the Warsop Church to remember and to honour their contribution to the Club, and to ensure they are always part of our annual birthday Charter celebrations.

beautiful warsop church.png

This was a tradition started by our members following the deaths of both Vice President Joan Crosby and Past President Diana Goodman in 2002. Members felt that placing flowers in the church after the Charter in November, was a good way to remember all our past friends. The Club continues to honour their memories in this much loved way.


On Friday 4th November 2016, following the 44th Charter on Wednesday night, Shirley Townroe, Christine Fretwell and Ruth Riches made two pedestal and two door arrangements for the church.

Both Christine and Shirley are experts in their field and were hard at it, but this is them taking a well earned sip of coffee with their creation in progress. Both ladies worked on their own arrangements and then helped Ruth, new to flower arranging, to produce smaller displays for the entrance. The sun shone throughout and the light cascading in to the church made for a beautiful and relaxing morning.


After almost two hours the arrangements were complete, coffee consumed and the church left spick and span, with the addition of these beautiful tributes to members past.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Past Members”

  1. Thank you to Christine, Shirley and Ruth, for the wonderful arrangements in memory of our past members. St. Peter and St Paul church looks stunning, thanks to your efforts. President Gloria


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