World Inner Wheel Day

IIW day

On 15 November 1923 27 wives of Rotarians met for the first time with the purpose of setting up their own club along the lines of the Rotary Clubs that were already established. At their next meeting on 10 January 1924 the ladies had begun to raise funds and had produced 80 woollen baby garments which were delivered to the local St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

At this January meeting a President was elected (Mrs Golding) and Mrs Nixon as Secretary/Treasurer. The rules of the club were resolved and “The Inner Wheel Club of Manchester” name duly adopted, creating a firm foundation and ingeniously indicating the Rotary connection.

Since this date in 1924 this has been celebrated annually as World Inner Wheel Day across the world. In January 2016 Warsop Inner Wheel hosted their day at the Teversal Village Hall holding a faith lunch and flower arranging afternoon.

As you can see from the photograph above this was a well-attended event and the Club enjoy getting together to remember our founders and think about its friendship with other clubs around the world. Keeping Friendship and Service at the heart of Inner Wheel.

Members contributed in some way to the faith lunch and made soups and provided breads, cheese and biscuits and of course fabulous desserts. Members helped in the kitchen to serve the club and where members were able, we all help with the clearing up.

Christine and Sue provided our afternoon entertainment following the raffle. China tea cups and saucers were made in to beautiful centre piece arrangements. Each member was given everything needed from the cup and saucer, the oasis and a selection of seasonal flowers. Christine and Sue provided direction and support throughout the day to enable every member to go home with a beautiful floral arrangement as a memory from the day.

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