Heading off to Hardwick

On Tuesday 16 August we met at the home of Sue and Richard Goad for a buck fizz and nibbles reception, before heading off to Hardwick Inn.

Members Sue and Terry Newton-Snare prepared a wonderful one hour walk for us, across the hills and dales around Teversal and Hardwick. The Rotarian husbands who joined us set off at a cracking pace, but then there was a pub at the end of the walk and it was a hot day. The sun shone and the ladies chatted and admired the view.

It was a great opportunity to see members, catch up and swap stories. The gentlemen were very organised and sorted out cars to bring us back to Sue and Richard’s home, where Terry and Sue provided coffee before we all went our separate ways.

I don’t know how we manage it, but the sun always seems to shine when we set off. Hot and happy we are looking forward to the next months walk around Thorseby.

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