Club Newsletter – Wheels In Motion

In 2015 the Club launched its first news letter. Every member receives a copy when attending a monthly meeting. There will be 5 issues a year based around Club activity.


wheels-in-motion 7

wheels-in-motion 6 – First issue 2016

wheels in motion 5

wheels in motion 4

wheels in motion 3

wheels in motion 2

wheels in motion 1  First ever issue 2015

The title ‘Wheels in Motion’ aims to reflect the heritage of the Inner Wheel connections with Rotary and the fact that Inner Wheel continues to be a driving force in the local community with it’s fundraising and friendship events.

The strap line for Issues 1 -5 ‘Unique and United’ reflects the international theme for the year and will change with each new year. This theme reflects that every member of Inner Wheel has something to offer the Club, the Association and each other, in their own individual way, and this theme for 2015-2016 helped us to embrace our unique qualities, united through Inner Wheel.

The second part of or strap line is ‘We’re Working Wonders’ is a double (but subtle) pun on the fact that throughout the history of Inner Wheel members have not only a) worked wonders supporting charities with their fundraising, but also b) many still are and were working whilst being a member, whether as a housewife and mother or employed/self employed. This just goes to show the strength of women and our ability to acheive greatness when we work together. Maing our club literaly are working wonders.

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