Knit and Natter Night

A lovely, if not very hot British summer evening for a knit and natter night with friends.


We wanted to share with you all the goodies, the joy and the friendship that go in to the collation of these joy bags and baby bundles on a knit and natter night.

Marjorie is knitting together squares, knitted by members and volunteers to make one of these wonderful blankets for the baby bundles. These are used to hold together the bundles with two oversized safety pins. All bundles are specific to a boy or a girl and contain a beautiful hand knitted cardigan or jumper made by volunteers and members.

Ruth, with one of the finished bundles ready to send off.  Each bundle contains a knitted blanket, cot sheets, soap, sponge, nappy cream, 4 nappies, baby grows, knitted garments, 2 complete outfits, 1 toy, 1 towel, wipes, cotton wool (baby girl bundle shown). All items that are new, are purchased from fund raising events across the year.

If you love bags, you will love this donated bag pile.


079CA67E-6BC1-4B40-88E2-864AF051460B These lovely donated bags made us smile. In each joy bag you will find a flannel, towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb/brush and a pack of tissues. A pen/pencil and notebook, scarf, slippers, a jewellery/costmetic bag containing items of shampoo, conditioner, moisturising lotion, body wash/shower gel. If we have them extra items such as sewing kit, shoe shine tights and perfume will be included.

These wonderful bundles and bags go to the Notts Police Aid Convoy. In 1993, at the height of the Balkans wars the UK National Police Aid Convoys was formed to carry humanitarian aid to refugee camps. At the end of the wars they built on their experience and continued procuring and delivering humanitarian and development aid to wherever the need was identified. Warsop Inner Wheel and our District Clubs support this continued humanitarian aid project.

These bags don’t make themselves, but are lovingly put together by members under the supervision of Christine our International Service Officer. She ensures that all bags used are in good condition and that no bundle or bag goes out without being fully stocked.


A fantastic sight to see – the first joy bags of the evening catching the British sunshine.

We even have this lovely bunch of ladies sorting out donated jewellery to make sure it is worth of being passed on to a lady in need. L2R: Sarah, Sue, Anne, Sue, Marjorie, Sharon and Sheila.


We will keep you posted on exactly how many joy bags and baby bundles we put together tonight, but we were so pleased with tonights group effort, we thought we’d share some pictures immediately.

Here we have (from top left) Lesley and Sue collating a baby bundle, with Sue affectionately naming each toy that goes in to the gift bag. Marlene and Sue gathering the items together and finally Ruth, Sue and Marelene working as a team to pull the bundles together. Great team work ladies.


We just couldn’t resist finishing off this post with a picture of cute little baby toys.

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